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    I'm An Experienced Traveler But A New Parent — Here Are 17 Things I've Learned After Flying With A Baby

    It's often an unpredictable ride — but these tips have really helped me so far.

    I've traveled to over 50 countries — but once I had a baby, I realized I still had a lot to learn.

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    I'm all about jumping in and going for it, so when my daughter was five months old, we spent three weeks in Jamaica. We flew to LA when she was eight months and we'll be flying to France when she's just over nine months old.

    Woman and baby on the beach

    So while I still have a lot to learn, I've picked up a few tips and tricks that have made traveling with a baby, not only doable, but fun. Here are some!

    1. Get to the airport 30 minutes earlier than you normally would.

    Man with baby in an airport near the windows

    2. Check in for your flight in advance and if you're checking bags, use curbside check-in.

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    3. Always bring a few different snacks, including ones that take time to consume.

    Child eating a sandwich

    4. Feed or give them a pacifier during takeoff and landing.

    Woman holding a baby on an airplane

    5. Attach a teething necklace or toy to the baby carrier.

    Baby in baby carrier

    6. Put their diaper bag — stocked with extra clothes, toys, snacks, and plenty of diapers and wipes under the seat in front of you.

    Legroom in an airplane

    7. And since reaching for the diaper bag every few minutes with a baby on your lap isn't feasible, put the little things you'll need on demand in your purse or fanny pack.

    Bag with small baby items

    8. And after a mid-flight diaper blowout on the way home from Jamaica, I bring a change of clothes for myself, too.

    Baby on the floor of an airport with bags

    9. Pull out one toy or snack at a time, so you have something to distract them with when a meltdown is about to happen.

    Man with baby who is playing with a toy

    10. When your baby is young, put them in a carrier rather than lug around a stroller.

    Baby in a carrier with a tag attached to them

    11. That said, checking a stroller and car seat is free — just make sure both are travel-friendly.

    Man lifting a baby at the airport

    12. Just make sure and take a photo of your gear before you check it. It will get damaged at some point, and a photo will help you get reimbursed.

    Woman and child at the airport

    13. To keep the checked car seat from getting dirty, I bring a giant garbage bag and twist tie to the airport.

    Man looking at baby in a car seat

    14. Scope out where the baby oxygen masks and life vests are.

    Oxygen mask in an airplane

    15. Make use of the nursing rooms at the airport.

    Sign for a nursery room in an airport

    16. Bring a blanket for the airport floor — and potentially the airplane floor.

    Baby on a blanket at the airport

    17. If you're traveling with another adult, board the plane separately so you can get everything stowed, but don't have to spend any extra time on the plane.

    Woman holding baby in the airport

    I'm still new to this, so I'd love any tips you have! Please share below!