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    11 Things That The US Should Seriously Adopt From Other Countries, According To A World Traveler

    I hate to break it to you, but the US could learn a thing or two.

    I love the US, but after living abroad in four different countries and traveling to more than 50, I have to say there are certain areas where this great country is lacking.

    1. Toilets in Japan

    A bidet sign on a Japanese toilet

    2. Vending machines in Switzerland, China, and Japan

    A vending machine in Tokyo.

    3. Convenience store food and services in Japan, China, and Korea

    A 7-11 store in South Korea.

    4. Biking in the Netherlands and Denmark

    Biking lanes in Amsterdam.

    5. Mobile payments in China

    A street market in Hong Kong.

    6. Squeaky clean streets in Singapore

    A clean city street in Singapore.

    7. Baked goods in France

    Croissants at a bakerty.

    8. Dairy products in Lebanon

    Chocolate ice cream and a view of Lebanon.

    9. Public healthcare in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and more

    10. Paid time off in Brazil, France, Spain, and several African countries

    A woman packing a suitcase.

    11. High-speed trains In Korea, China, Japan, and Europe

    A Japanese high speed train.

    What's something you've experienced or seen abroad that the US should adopt? Tell me in the comments.