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After Living In France For A Year, I Can Confidently Say There Are 16 Specific Things The French Do Better Than Americans

Let's take a few pointers from the French, shall we?

I'm a proud American, but after living in France for a year — and visiting multiple times for long chunks of time — I have to admit there are quite a few things they just do better.

1. Healthcare

2. Bread (le duh)

3. Work-Life Balance

4. Orange Juice

5. The Lunch Hour (or Two...or Three)

6. Fashion

7. Down Time

8. Water Fountains

9. Public Transportation

10. Small Talk

11. Food Quality

12. Wine

13. Cheese

14. Childcare

15. Approach to Health

16. Cost of Higher Education

What did I miss? Tell me how you think France and the US compare in the comments below.