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    15 Questions That Will Tell You If A Used Car Is A Steal Or A Rip-Off

    AKA how to act like a pro even if you have no idea what you're doing.

    Buying a brand-new car is not only expensive, but a new car loses value the moment you drive it off the lot — and it only gets worse from there.

    Buying used is often the more budget-friendly way to go, but this comes with its own risks — like, what if the car breaks down in two weeks or had a shoddy engine repair?

    Here are a few questions that can help you avoid a lemon and score a good deal:

    1. Why are you selling this car?

    2. What did you mainly use the car for?

    3. What’s the car’s mileage?

    Person taking a photo of a car's mileage reading on their smart phone

    4. How many previous owners were there?

    5. Has the car ever been in an accident?

    Woman holding her head next to a damaged car at the scene of an accident

    6. Can you provide me with the vehicle history report or give me the VIN number so I can look up the car?

    7. How was the car stored?

    8. What parts have been replaced since you bought the car? What year were they replaced?

    Mechanic repairing a car engine

    9. What work needs to be done on the car in the near future? And can I take it to my mechanic to get it checked out before I buy?

    10. Is the car’s title available?

    11. How was the car maintained?

    Person checking the oil in a car

    12. Can I take the car for a drive and test everything to see what’s working?

    13. What did you love — and what did you hate — about this car?

    14. How does the listing price compare to the Kelley Blue Book Value or Carfax History-Based Value?

    15. And finally, is the price negotiable?

    Have any tips that have helped you buy a used car in the past? Share away!

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