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    20 Effective Packing Tricks And Travel Hacks That Will Make Every Trip A Bit Easier

    You can't control airport crowds or flight delays — but you can control what you pack with you. Here's how to make it all as seamless as possible.

    1. Roll every outfit into a bundle to prevent wrinkles and make it easy to grab ready-to-go outfits while you're traveling.

    Suitcase full of rolled clothing

    2. Leave the linen at home and stick with wrinkle-proof fabrics.

    3. Channel some capsule wardrobe energy while you pack.

    Monotone clothes on a rack

    4. So you don't get too bored with your capsule wardrobe, pack a few fun accessories that don't take up much space (think: scarves, jewelry, and sunglasses).

    5. If you're going somewhere cold, bring a jacket that folds down into nothing.

    Person near the water in a down jacket

    6. If you're traveling for longer than a week, pack with the expectation that you'll do a load of laundry on your trip.

    Colorful landromat

    7. Limit yourself to just one (maaaybe two) dressy outfits.

    8. Pack your socks into your shoes and use smaller clothing items to cushion things like hats, heels, and collared shirts.

    Woman packing a suitcase

    9. Put your shoes in shower caps or a plastic grocery bag before packing them in your suitcase.

    Open suitcase with a pair of shoes on top

    10. If you're flying, wear an outfit that's security-friendly.

    Pair of slip-on shoes on blue carpeting

    11. Put a spare outfit (and essential toiletries and medications) in your carry-on or personal item.

    Person packing a suitcase on the bed

    12. Max out your personal item when flying.

    Woman wearing a backpack in the airport

    13. If you're flying and checking a bag, make sure to weigh it before you get to the airport.

    14. Create a toiletry go bag.

    Woman puts products into a container

    15. Create an on-the-go sleep bag that has everything you need to fall asleep anywhere.

    Woman sleeping with her neck pillow

    16. Bring an empty water bottle and snacks.

    17. Bring a reusable shopping bag that can double as a day bag.

    Woman in the aisle of a grocery store

    18. Make sure your passport, wallet, and phone are easily accessible throughout your travel day.

    Woman wearing a fanny pack

    19. Use a packing app or make a list on your phone so you can jot down things as you think of them.

    Woman looking at a packing list on her phone

    20. Take photos of your luggage — and potentially the stuff you packed — in case your baggage gets lost or damaged and you have to file a claim.

    Damaged teal suitcase