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    15 US Cities Where The Average Rent Is Less Than $1,800 A Month

    Just think of your landlord's shocked Pikachu face when they hear these rates.

    We all know that cities like New York, LA, and San Fran are ridiculously expensive to live in (with a one-bedroom in the latter going for $2,800 a month, on average 😬).

    But as jobs begin offering workers more flexibility, you may have the ability to clock in from a noticeably more affordable city — perhaps one of these more renter-friendly metros?

    For this roundup, we're highlighting only what the study calls "large cities" (or cities with 300,000-plus people), to make that move from NYC a little less jarring. And remember — packing up and moving to a new city is so much easier said than done, but checking out the prices in other cities can be a great first step to figuring out where you ~really~ want to be.

    1. Wichita, Kansas

    View of Wichita at night

    2. Omaha, Nebraska

    River running through Omaha

    3. Louisville, Kentucky

    Louisville skyline at night

    4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Boat on a waterway running through Oklahoma City

    5. Lexington, Kentucky

    Country road near Lexington

    6. Portland, Oregon

    Autumn trees in Portland

    7. Tulsa, Oklahoma

    View of the Tulsa skyline from a park

    8. Columbus, Ohio

    Columbus skyline during the day

    9. St. Paul, Minnesota

    St. Paul skyline at sunset

    10. Seattle, Washington

    Seattle skyline with mountains in the distance

    11. Fort Worth, Texas

    Sun rising through buildings in the Fort Worth skyline

    12. Kansas City, Missouri

    Fountain in a square in Kansas City

    13. Cincinnati, Ohio

    Cincinnati skyline at dawn

    14. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    View of parks surrounding Minneapolis

    15. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Downtown Albequerque on a cloudy night

    How does your city compare? Share what rental rates are like in your area in the comments.

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