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I Took My 5-Month-Old Baby Abroad For Three Weeks — Here's What I Nailed (And Where I Failed)

I've taken hundreds of international trips as a travel writer — but this was my very first one with a baby.

Hi! I'm Evie — and I've made a career out of writing about travel. So when I had a baby, I knew I wanted to travel internationally with her as soon as possible.

Woman sits on beach with baby

But no amount of prior travel could fully prepare me for the art — yes, the art — of traveling with an infant.

Baby hand with a luggage tag attached to it

1. NAILED: I applied for her passport as soon as I had her birth certificate.

Hand holding three US passports

2. FAILED: The passport process was painless — except when it came to getting her photo taken.

Woman takes photo of baby

3. NAILED: In preparation for the "big trip," we did a few overnights in other places so she would get used to sleeping in other places.

Family takes photo in a mirror of a hotel

4. NAILED: We chose Jamaica because it's close to home — and booked a trip for three full weeks.

Waterfall and swimming hole

5. FAILED: We booked our flights in two legs — first, a flight to Dallas, an overnight, then the flight to Jamaica.

Baby on the floor of an airport

6. NAILED: The Tula carrier (which I got as a hand-me-down) was key for on-the-go napping and transporting.

Woman on a swing in front of the ocean

7. NAILED: We brought her car seat and rented a car.

Woman sitting in the back of a rental car with a suitcase

8. FAILED: We ended up staying in a remote part of the island — and I had major anxiety about access to hospitals and the like.

Two people walk along a deserted beach

9. NAILED: At the last minute, I packed a beach tent, which ended up being crucial.

Baby in a beach tent on the sand

10. NAILED: I brought the feeding basics, but didn't end up using everything I brought.

Baby eating mango with mother

11. FAILED: A full-coverage swimsuit is key — leave the cutesie baby bikinis at home.

Man with baby at the beach

12. FAILED: Same goes for clothes — even though Jamaica was hot, we put her in long-sleeve onesies and pants every day.

Woman walking on the beach with a baby

13. NAILED: I did a TON of research on non-toxic sunscreen and bug spray and finally found the good stuff.

Person getting sunscreen sprayed on them

14. FAILED: But, I forgot to sunscreen her hands.

Man sits on beach with a baby

15. NAILED: I only brought enough diapers and wipes for the first couple days.

Baby on the airport floor

16. FAILED: We improvised when it came to her bed — but a little extra planning would've made it easier on all of us.

Three people laying in bed by a window

Have any tips to share? I'll be doing it all again soon and would love any advice!