Each US State's Work-Life Balance Ranked, From Best To Worst

    Working 40-plus hours a week and braving a hellish commute? You're not alone.

    It may feel like you're always slogging away at work, but it turns out some states do better than others when it comes to work-life balance. To see how your state measures up, we've ranked the work-life balance in each state from best to worst.

    1. BEST: Utah

    Rock arch in Utah

    2. Vermont

    Person running in fall colors

    3. Montana

    High alpine lake surrounded by mountains

    4. Wyoming

    Mountains coming out of grassy river area

    5. Maine

    Lighthouse on the coast of Maine

    6. Nebraska

    Bridge into a Nebraska city

    7. North Dakota

    Mountains in the Badlands

    8. Delaware

    House on the coast in Delaware

    9. Iowa

    Corn being grown in rows

    10. Hawaii

    Coast of Hawaii

    11. New Mexico

    River and hills in desert area

    12. Minnesota

    City in Minnesota with green space

    13. Oregon

    Water in Oregon at the base of a volcano

    14. Idaho

    Mountains in the spring in Idaho

    15. Connecticut

    Boats on the water near the city

    16. Alaska

    Kayak on the water in Alaska

    17. Rhode Island

    Night image of a city in Rhode Island

    18. Wisconsin

    Little town near the woods

    19. Colorado

    People mountain biking on a trail in the mountains

    20. Washington

    Seattle with the mountains in the background

    21. California

    22. Arizona

    Mountains at sunset

    23. New Hampshire

    Colorful houses on the water in fall

    24. Massachusetts

    Coastal town with boats in the harbor

    25. South Dakota

    Mount Rushmore under a blue sky

    26. Kansas

    Town built on a waterway

    27. Michigan

    Michigan lake at sunset

    28. Mississippi

    29. Nevada

    Road to beautiful red rock formations

    30. Indiana

    Night shot of a city in Indiana

    31. Virginia

    bright orange fall trees

    32. Missouri

    City built around waterways

    33. Ohio

    City at night on the water

    34. Florida

    Coastal front alongside palm trees

    35. Pennsylvania

    Small town in the hills in the fall

    36. Georgia

    Colorful houses near a green park

    37. Alabama

    Waterfall in the woods

    38. South Carolina

    Bridge crossing a river at sunset

    39. Louisiana

    People kayaking in the bayou

    40. New Jersey

    41. North Carolina

    Person looking toward a lighthouse near the coast

    42. Texas

    City sprawl in Texas

    43. Oklahoma

    City on a waterway at sunset

    44. Kentucky

    Water surrounded by green woods

    45. New York

    Person standing in the street in New York

    46. Illinois

    River going through Chicago

    47. Arkansas

    Person stands on a rock outcropping among green forest

    48. West Virginia

    Bridge over a waterway at fall

    49. Maryland

    Boats on the water by the city

    50. WORST: Tennessee

    Neon lights of Tennessee

    How do you feel about your work-life balance? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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