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    15 Little-Known Costs That Tend To Shock First-Time Homebuyers

    There are more costs than you might think.

    The ins and outs of buying a house can be as overwhelming as navigating tax law or health insurance — and many first-time homebuyers end up surprised by all the added costs.

    To learn how to reduce the number of financial surprises during the home-buying process, I talked with Clare Trapasso, the deputy news editor at

    Here are 15 hidden costs that often take first-time homebuyers by surprise:

    Note: The costs listed here are general guidelines and may vary depending on where you choose to buy a home.

    1. Home Inspection

    2. Appraisals

    3. Home Insurance

    4. Credit Report

    Person looking at their credit report

    5. Private Mortgage Insurance

    6. Flood Certification

    7. Property Taxes

    8. Title Fees

    9. Title Policies

    10. Title Insurance

    11. Recording and Settlement Fees

    12. Land Surveys

    13. Transfer Taxes

    14. Moving Expenses

    People moving boxes upstairs

    15. Renovations

    Homeowners, what hidden costs surprised you when you bought your house? Tell us about them in the comments!

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