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    15 Beautiful Places In Hawaii That Confirm It Is — Without A Doubt — The Best State

    Sorry, mainlanders.

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. While Hawaii has reopened for tourists, there is an ongoing discussion about how this will affect the local population. For now, please use our content as inspiration for a future trip.

    1. Hanauma Bay — Oahu

    A beautiful bay on the ocean at sunset

    2. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park — Hawaii

    Lava lighting up the sky on a starry night

    3. The Hana Highway — Maui

    A highway on the coast next to the blue ocean

    4. Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods) — Lanai

    5. Halawa Valley — Molokai

    A small bay leading to a valley surrounded by mountains

    6. Wailua Falls — Kauai

    Two waterfalls dropping off a cliff to a pool below

    7. Punalu'u Beach — Hawaii

    Turtles sunning on a palm tree–lined black sand beach

    8. Koki Beach — Maui

    9. Sharks Cove — Oahu

    A shallow rocky pool next to the open ocean

    10. Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park — Kauai

    Green-covered mountains leading down to a blue ocean

    11. Kaunolu Village — Lanai

    12. Akaka Falls — Hawaii

    A tall waterfall dropping into a pool

    13. Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail — Oahu

    14. Kalaupapa National Historical Park — Molokai

    A peninsula sticking out in a dark blue ocean

    15. Pools of Ohe’o (Seven Sacred Pools) — Maui

    A series of waterfalls and pools in a lush landscape

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