15 Entry-Level, Remote Jobs That Are Taking Off In 2022

    You don't have to have years of experience to land one of these remote gigs.

    It's not always easy to get your foot in the door of an industry you have little to no experience in.

    But it's a task that's infinitely easier if you're looking at job titles that are hiring tons of entry-level workers.

    According to their data, these job titles — which are all remote — are doing tons of hiring in 2022:

    1. Customer Service Representative

    A woman talking on the phone with a headset.

    2. Staff Accountant

    Woman typing on a calculator from home

    3. Administrative Assistant

    Woman smiling at the camera

    4. Recruiting Coordinator

    Man looks at a resume and talks to a man on this computer

    5. Account Executive

    Woman talks on her computer

    6. Call Center Representative

    Woman talking on a headset from home

    7. Billing Specialist

    Man writing things down from his home office

    8. Executive Assistant

    Man with headset on smiling

    9. Accounts Payable Specialist

    Person looking at a ledger with a calculator

    10. Marketing Coordinator

    Woman talking in front of her iPhone

    11. Business Development Representative

    Woman on a Zoom call from her home office

    12. Content Writer

    Woman with a notebook and a laptop

    13. Financial Analyst

    Woman reviewing data and graphs on her computer

    14. Human Resources Coordinator

    Woman with tablet working from home

    15. Graphic Designer

    Man working from home at night