You Can Live And Work In These 15 Countries If You Have A Remote Job

    Go beyond your neighborhood coffee shop. I dare you.

    There's more to remote work than working in your pajamas and making droolworthy lunches. With the right job, you can literally work from anywhere.

    In fact, there are a handful of countries going out of their way to welcome people who have a job (or, in some cases, money in the bank) and are looking for change.

    1. Antigua and Barbuda

    2. Bermuda

    3. Iceland

    4. Aruba

    5. Barbados

    6. Country of Georgia

    7. Cayman Islands

    8. Curaçao

    9. Dubai

    10. Mauritius

    11. Dominica

    12. Estonia

    13. Montserrat

    14. Malta

    15. Madeira

    What do you think? Share where in the world you'd want to work remotely in the comments below.

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