These 15 Companies Have Been Hiring Tons Of Remote Workers

    Because cubicles and water cooler chitchat are overrated.

    Remote work has definitely become a thing, with 20% of the workforce expected to work from home long after the pandemic ends.

    So, unless you're an office diehard or work in an industry that requires you to be in person (shoutout to all you frontline workers!), you might want to consider joining the remote work revolution.

    1. BroadPath

    Woman with a headset on talks on the phone

    2. Liveops

    Man in a white room with a headset on

    3. SYKES

    Man with a headset on looking out the window

    4. Working Solutions

    Young mom works from home on her computer

    5. SAP

    Woman working at her home office

    6. Varsity Tutors

    Young girl talks with an online tutor

    7. TTEC

    Woman working from a standing desk at home

    8. Kelly

    Man working from home at his desk

    9. Williams-Sonoma

    Man smiling while talking via his computer

    10. TranscribeMe

    Woman with headphones and a pencil transcribes information

    11. Robert Half International

    Woman looks at a resume while talking to a candidate on the computer

    12. Transcom

    Woman with glasses smiles while working on her computer

    13. Dell Technologies

    Woman with headphones smiles while on a work call

    14. UnitedHealth Group

    Woman wearing glasses smiles at the computer while working

    15. Sutherland

    Man works on his computer with his daughter in his lap

    Do you know of any other companies that are hiring for remote workers or great ways to search for a work-from-home gig? Tell us your best tips in the comments!

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