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21 Creepy Travel Destinations Across The US That Live Rent-Free In My Nightmares

Halloween road trip, anyone?

You can visit all the "haunted" attractions in the world, but there's something particularly unsettling about being in a space where real tragedy occurred — or a place where unexplained phenomenon have become the norm.

If you're craving a real scare this Halloween, head to one of the destinations on the list — including eerie asylums, prisons, and mansions. Our advice? Go with a friend.

1. The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Sprawling white hotel with a red roof

2. Ohio State Reformatory, Ohio

Man stands outside cells

3. Jonathan Corwin House, Massachusetts

Old grey house

4. Lake Placid, New York

Mist on Lake Placid

5. Winchester Mystery House, California

Old house lit up at night

6. Armour–Stiner House, New York

Pink victorian home

7. Hotel del Coronado, California

Black and white photo of a beachfront hotel

8. Marquette Harbor Lighthouse, Michigan

Red lighthouse on a rugged shoreline

9. Talbott Tavern, Kentucky

Brick wall of an old inn

10. Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania

Exterior of a penitentiary that looks like a castle

11. King's Tavern, Mississippi

Old wood and brick building

12. Sica Hollow State Park, South Dakota

Wooded trail over a red stream

13. Providence City Hall, Rhode Island

Historical photo of the City Hall

14. Cheyenne Depot Museum, Wyoming

The steeple of an old brick building

15. Sallie House, Kansas

White house with a tree in front of it

16. Camp Helen State Park, Florida

Remains of a pier leading out to the ocean at sunset

17. The Driskill, Texas

The exterior of an old hotel

18. Brighton Asylum, New Jersey

Brighton Asylum, New Jersey

19. Calcasieu Courthouse, Louisiana

Courthouse sitting on a green lawn

20. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

Foggy day at the asylum

21. Lizzie Borden House, Massachusetts

Woman sits in front of house

What is the most haunted place you've ever visited or traveled to? Tell me in the comments!