6 Alternative Homes To Consider If You Can't Afford To Buy A House

    "Home" doesn't have to have three bedrooms and a two-car garage.

    Buying a home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make. And even if you save up for years, chances are you'll still have to take on some serious debt.

    But there are way more affordable homes out there — you just have to be willing to go against the norm and reset your expectations.

    1. Container Home

    Cargo Container House with Garden. 3D Render

    A container home can cost you as little as $25,000 if you go the DIY route.

    2. Tiny Home

    a couple standing and sitting by the door in their tiny home

    Building a tiny home yourself could cost as little as $23,000.

    Dog outside a tiny home in the mountains

    3. Yurt

    Just outside Morrison, Colorado, summer's green colors surround the area with a small canvas covered yurt for campers in Lakewood's Bear Creek Lake Park with the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

    Buying a basic yurt can cost as little as $9,500 — but it might be more realistic to budget for $27,000.

    4. Housing Cooperative

    You can find a spot in a housing cooperative for around $110,000, but prices vary greatly by co-op, location, home size, and income.

    5. RV or Van

    Motor home on camping area

    An RV can cost as little as $10,000 (if you go minimal, small, and used) but will likely need some work and time spent building everything out to your liking.

    Man relaxing with his dog inside of a camper van

    6. Houseboat

    Houseboat lite up on Lake Superior in Grand Marais Harbor, Minensota.

    You can buy a boat for a few thousand dollars, but maintenance and build-out costs may bring that number closer to $30,000.

    What kinds of alternative homes have you tried out or heard of? What are their pros and cons? Keep the conversation going in the comments.

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