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21 Unsung Heroes We All Know

Superheroes don't only exist in movies - we see them every day. Like the kind stranger on the train who gives up their seat or that teacher than inspired the kid who grew up to save lives. Evian knows a hero when they see one. Join in the conversation at #evianSpiderMan.

1. The first person to get up and dance at a wedding

2. That person who always gives up their seat on the bus

3. Or that person that doesn't make you feel like a weirdo when you accidentally fall asleep on them on the train

4. The person who offers to do the first tea round of the day

5. People who return stuff they find dropped in the street

6. A person who remembers to say thank you

7. The housemate who remembers to put the toilet seat down after use

8. Taxi drivers

9. The barista who always remembers your name and you coffee order

10. People who wear bright colours when it's raining

11. The person at the meeting who asks a stupid question

12. The person who always offers to capture the spider

13. People who realise that small changes can make a big difference to someone else's day

14. Exhausted parents

15. Pizza delivery guys

16. People who are kind to animals

17. Shop assistants who go out of their way to help you

18. You when you let someone else have the last slice of pizza

19. Rubbish collectors

20. That friend who always has time for a cup of tea and a chat

21. Your pets

Unlike fellow humans, these guys can look past your bad hair days, grumpy mood and other foibles and treat you with love, kindness and compassion. Unless they're hungry, of course.

Still holding out for a hero? Check out this video of Spider-Man dancing with his own Evian baby-me:

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Join in the conversation at #evianSpiderMan.