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17 Signs You're Really Still A Big Kid At Heart

Sometimes it feels like you're just a big kid hiding out in a grown-up body. But, so what? There's no hurry to grow up! As Evian knows, life is more fun when you #LiveYoung.

1. You take fancy dress just as seriously as when you were a kid

2. You still make wishes on cake candles

3. Funny faces always have been, and will forever be, hilarious

4. You still believe ketchup is a food group

5. As is chocolate

6. And cereal

7. As long as you still fit in the little kid rides, you're going to ride them

8. You'll walk out of your way to step on a crunchy leaf

9. If no one is looking you'll still serve yourself mini 'shots' out of a bottle top

10. Sometimes you secretly play the floor is lava

11. A good party looks like this:

12. This looks like a pretty sweet place to chill out

13. The bathroom is more of an activity centre than a place to wash

14. You'd give up your job in a second…

15. You're still half expecting your letter from Hogwarts to arrive

16. You've never met a tree you didn't want to climb

17. Or a puddle that you didn't want to splash in

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