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17 Signs You're Really Still A Big Kid At Heart

Sometimes it feels like you're just a big kid hiding out in a grown-up body. But, so what? There's no hurry to grow up! As Evian knows, life is more fun when you #LiveYoung.

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1. You take fancy dress just as seriously as when you were a kid

2. You still make wishes on cake candles / Via

And get unjustifiably angry if someone tries to 'steal' your wish.

3. Funny faces always have been, and will forever be, hilarious

4. You still believe ketchup is a food group / Via

It just makes everything taste better.

5. As is chocolate / Via

Especially when combined with other carbs.

6. And cereal / Via

(This one is almost true…)

7. As long as you still fit in the little kid rides, you're going to ride them

Disney Parks/ / Via

8. You'll walk out of your way to step on a crunchy leaf

Feels. So. Good.
Karly Pope / Getty Images

Feels. So. Good.

9. If no one is looking you'll still serve yourself mini 'shots' out of a bottle top

Michal Saganowski / Getty Images

10. Sometimes you secretly play the floor is lava

11. A good party looks like this:

Crisps in a bowl make everything feel more special.
Adrian Purser/Flickr/(CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: fuse

Crisps in a bowl make everything feel more special.

12. This looks like a pretty sweet place to chill out

Will Holmes/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 36531036@N06

13. The bathroom is more of an activity centre than a place to wash / Via

Bubblebeards and imaginary arguments in the shower, ftw.

14. You'd give up your job in a second…

… If you could be a Ninja Turtle.
Steve Devlin aka Donatello / Via Permission from Steve Devlin

… If you could be a Ninja Turtle.

15. You're still half expecting your letter from Hogwarts to arrive / Via

Must have got lost in the post…

16. You've never met a tree you didn't want to climb

Leander Baernz / Getty Images

17. Or a puddle that you didn't want to splash in

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