27 Reasons Kids These Days Don’t Know How Good We Had It

Or why being a child of the 90’s was so the best.

Before you had this drama…

There was this drama. ‘Nsync vs. Backstreet boys had the most intense showdown, and the most intense fans. Look it up. Friendships were torn apart. Lives were forever ruined. Until one day, all that changed.

When this guy, a white guy with really stupid platinum curls and even stupider sunglasses, became…

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. The ORIGINAL Justin. Who broke up ‘Nsync. And started his own wonderful career. And sang Cry Me a River after Britney Spears cheated on him.

and gave us this amazing gif, back when he was trying to make Britney Spears jealous, back when she looked like this…


and was sweet and cute, until she cheated on Justin and broke his baby heart, and then went crazy, and had to resort to this….

For which there is no good explanation, except for that their breakup sent her into a downward spiral of depression and heartache, causing her to marry her back-up dancer douchebag, have two kids, shave her head and go crazy.

And as she and Justin fell apart, you could only console yourself with the musical stylings of Something Corporate, Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182 and Third Eye Blind, whose pain and heartache matched your own…


And with their super-emo-but-oh-so-true lyrics, you finally feel like someone understood you.


Like Cher. Cher always understood you. You guys always had the same feelings about almost everything. Like…

Until you realized—you’re awesome and everyone else sucks!

And being a child of the 90’s, you got to fall in love with these guys first. Before they became famous, they were just four very attractive teens on the WB. Speaking of…

Remember the WB?!

And this work of genius?

And the amazing, corny, horrible Power Rangers? Back when it was good and racist? (not saying that racism is good or anything. Just saying—it’s pretty obvious.)

And staying up late meant watching this timeless classic?

And the way you listened to music was by using one of these.

Or one of these. Do you guys even know what this is?! DO YOU?

And we fell in love with Jordan Catalano over

and over again. And the show only lasted one season.


And today, you have this. It is not the same. Not even close. JARED LETO, YOU ARE NOT THE SAME!


So what am I saying? I’m saying…..

You can have your lame music,


And your lame TV shows.


We had this. ‘Nuff said.


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