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9 Lessons I Learned From Nicholas Sparks Films

Nicholas Sparks knows everything about love. How is it I never understood all of this before? It's a good thing he's here to teach me.

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Lesson #4


Words aren't really necessary when it comes to true love. Looking lost, scared, weak, or hot in a bikini is all that is needed. All in all, men like woman who are like Ariel—beautiful, half naked, and have little speaking ability.

Lesson #7


If you become friends with a woman whose house you've never seen, who doesn't seem to interact with any other people besides you, and who says cryptically vague things instead of real answers all the time, don't question it. That's really normal.

In Conclusion...

So what does all this mean? It means if you are a regular looking person who doesn't have a secret past or hasn't lived through a terrible trauma (or dangerous situation) in which a strong (but sensitive) man can rescue you from, particularly in the South, you probably won't find true love. But that's ok. You can always hop on a bus or drive your car and move on down there, just in time to catch the eye of some recently widowed/returned from the army/ loner type guy who is really so great and warm and sensitive—he just hasn't found ANYONE ELSE IN TOWN to love. But you. And you don't even live there.


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