21 Ways You Know You Live In A Soap Opera

And live near General Hospital.

1. You’ve come to town to settle a grudge.

2. You have had so many last names it’s hard to remember what you go by now.

3. The stranger you meet in a bar will become your best friend / love of your life.

4. Any time is sexy time.

5. Anytime at all. Night or day. Really, whenever. Sexy time is always on.

6. You always look amazing in the morning.

7. There will always be a tall, strong, handsome man to save you from leches in a bar.

8. Someone is your life is always on the brink of death.

10. The child you knew has suddenly aged 10 years and there is no rational explanation for it.

11. Amnesia is like, really common.

12. There is always a crazy psycho kidnapping babies running around your city.

13. You have three children from three different baby daddies.

14. Bitchslapping is very common.

15. Everyone surrounding you is crazy too.

16. Everybody has a secret.

17. Babies are always being switched, or the wrong embryo was implanted, or something.

18. All the men wear the same underwear.


20. There is always a reason to dress in costume.

21. And finally…you met James Franco. Even though at the time he just going by Franco. And was also a crazy psycho killer.

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