16 Great Moments From The Season 5 Premiere Of Parenthood

Seriously, this show is the greatest. It makes you feel all the feels.

1. When Crosby and Jasmine’s baby is born and she is super cute. Even if it takes them forever to give her a name.

2. When Kristina decides to run for Mayor!

3. When Amber and Ryan Skype and it’s really cute but also kind of awkward,

4. When Sydney is super sassy and awesome.

5. When Drew is being a college freshman and not communicating with his mother well.

6. She does not take it well.

7. When Crosby has to deal with this hard parenting realization:

9. When Max says this and it is amazing:

10. When Drew and Amber have cute brother sister time.

11. When the Braverman clan holds the baby and it’s adorable.

12. When Drew is nice and brings his mom pizza and acts like he wants to hang out.

13. And of course, when Ryan proposes and it is so sweet and beautiful and it makes everyone cry.

And when

14. Crying. Real Tears.


15. I need a sedative or something.

16. Oh Parenthood. You do it to be every time.

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