11 Terrible First World Problems

Because I want you to feel my pain.

1. When you’ve just gotten comfortable in bed and your cell phone starts beeping and you have to stand up to see who messaged you.

2. When the train you take stops running for a half hour so you have to take a cab instead.

3. When the Bodega you normally go to is out of a crucial item you need. So you have to walk another half a block.

4. When you’re laying on the couch, and you are too tired to walk to your slightly more comfortable bed that is in a cooler temperature, so you just lay there.

5. When your laundry delivery guy is an hour late.

6. When someone told someone else something they shouldn’t have, and you have to write like, three text messages to clear it all up.

7. When the Wifi is down, and the only way you can entertain yourself is with your Smartphone.

8. When you have to go to bed, but you are stuck in a Youtube wormhole of cute animal gifs on the internet.

9. When you get free tickets to a movie but all your friends are busy so you have to go by yourself.

10. When all your favorite shows air on the same night, and you can only watch three, not all five, before you go to bed.

11. When too many of your friends want to hang out with you at the same time, but they all hate each other, and so you have to choose.

12. The End. I hate myself.

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