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11 Things We've Been Missing Since "The Newsroom" Has Been Off The Air

It's been so long since Season 1 of The Newsroom. Let's take a look back at all the things we can't wait to see!

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1. Maggie yelling at Jim, and getting the facts wrong.

2. Jim passively disagreeing with her, but letting her get her way anyway.

3. Their crazy chemistry.

4. Mackenzie producing from afar...

And from near.

5. Mackenzie yelling at Will.

and Mackenzie motivating Will.

6. Sloan being inappropriate with strangers,

7. Will being protective of his staff.

8. Will educating misguided women.

9. Charlie being a bad ass.

10. Don being impatient. And irritated.

And finally, 11. Will and Mackenzie fighting about their relationship at work.

Can't wait for Season 2! Check out the trailer here.

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