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    Why We Should Remember Zora Neale Hurston As A Fashion Goddess

    Because we all need a little Zora in our closets.

    Zora Neale Hurston would've celebrated her 123rd birthday today.

    So Google honored her with her very own Google Doodle. Yasssss!

    We remember Zora's brilliance as a wordsmith, but she was also a fashion icon.

    Who else could pull off a fur, beret and smile like Zora?

    She also served classic side-eye in a Peter Pan hat, belted sweater and bold statement necklace.

    Her perfect bump curl and leaf earrings were glorious. And do you see those brows?

    She wore ruffles. RUFFLES!

    She was the queen of the effortless winter chic look.

    And showed us all how to be breezy in the summertime.

    Oh, that's just Zora Neale Hurston in a structured blazer, complete with arm candy. Nothing major.

    Via University of Florida

    In addition to her fashion time-traveling, Zora was dressed in all-white like an angel.


    And dismissed the fool that couldn't see how stylish she is.

    And when she wasn't standing out in a crowd...

    ...she was appearing on postage stamps.

    All hail the fashion queen of the Harlem Renaissance.

    Now, can we get a ZNH biopic?