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5 Tips For Getting Wireless Earphones That Fit Properly

Technology is evolving at great speed, and there are always new products introduced that are efficient and convenient. The trend of wireless products is increasing as they create less clutter and are easy to carry around. Wireless products are an excellent alternative to the wired products. One of the wireless products that are gaining popularity is wireless headphones.

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Wireless headphones have a lot of advantages to offer but choosing the right one can be a little tricky. If you do not know what features to look for, then you can end up buying low-quality headphones and face a lot of issues. Here are some useful tips that can help in buying the best wireless earphones.

Knowing the Types:

You should be aware of the types available in the market. Wireless headphones are available in three main types that can be divided I two categories; ones with separate transmitter and ones that do not. The headphones included in separate transmitter include infra-red and radio frequency headphones. Radio frequency headphones are much powerful than the infra-red.

Another wireless option is the Bluetooth headphones, and it is without a transmitter. The Bluetooth technology is still evolving, and some issues are related to them. Bluetooth headphones are blamed for poor sound quality and latency.

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Consider the Battery Life:

The wireless headphones need their power supply to run. They either have standard disposable batteries or have a rechargeable battery that is built-in. Headphones that have wireless transmitter doubles the charging dock. If you are choosing Bluetooth headphones, then you should choose the ones with a battery time of eight o twelve hours. The important thing to remember is that there is a connection between volume and battery life. The battery typically takes about three hours to charge fully.

Accessibility of Controls:

The wired headphones often have controls on the wire, but wireless headphones do not have that option. They mostly come just come basic controls such as a microphone. While buying you should test the accessibility of the controls. Make sure that the layout of controls is practical and not just aesthetic. Make sure that the controls are easily accessible.

Size and Form of Headphones:

The wireless headphones are available in three standard styles; on-ear, in-ear and over-ear. Over-ear and on-ear function and look similar to the wired counterparts while in-ear are different. The earpieces of headphones that have Bluetooth technology are connected. The design of wireless headphones is evolving as manufacturers attempt to make them more convenient to use.

Special Features to Look for:

You should consider the situation that you are going to use the headphones and then consider special features that are available. There are noise cancellation headphones that cancel all the outside noises. But the noise cancellation headphones ae expensive as compared to regular ones. Some products offer the feature of noise isolation.


The wireless earbud is a popular trend especially for people that are fitness junky. Wireless earbuds are comfortable, but they are still on their way of becoming mainstream as there are still some problems to overcome. One of the companies looking to improve wireless technology is Axumgear who has launched an excellent crowdfunding campaign and seeking to start production. They are using NFMI instead of Bluetooth, and it is expected to have zero radiation as compared to other Bluetooth earbuds and the signal will NEVER drop.

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