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    Tumblr Has Officially Lost Its Mind Over "Drag Me Down"

    ♫ We can't contain this anymore... ♫

    In case you're living under a rock, One Direction released a new single this week, and the band ~casually~ dropped this information via Twitter yesterday:

    Bit of a surprise ! 😊 Check out our new single! It’s called Drag Me Down & I hope you love it as much as we do

    And words cannot express the excitement that Directioners on Tumblr felt this week.

    They literally could not calm down.

    It was a bit of unexpected for everyone.

    People were celebrating so hard, internet-style.

    Fans were literally on fire.

    Some people couldn't predict the future.

    Welcome to new age.

    This is a rhetorical question.

    This is WILD, people. Wild.

    In case you haven't gotten a chance yet, listen to this RIGHT. NOW.