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25 Times Tumblr Spoke The Truth About "Jurassic World"

Attention: spoilers!

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1. When they got emotional about raptors.

2. When they wrote the shortest review ever.

3. When Chris Pratt was the main reason for going to the movies.

4. No, but like, really.

5. When people were impressed.

6. When there were so many different opinions.

7. When people fell in love with raptors.

8. When high heels were more unbelievable than dinosaurs.

9. When Claire was the real hero of the movie.

10. When the worst ideas ever were conceived.

11. When the theme was unmistakable.

12. When people shared how their dream trip to Jurassic World would go.

13. When Claire was a true inspiration.

14. When people couldn't contain their emotions.

15. When the love for Chris Pratt was taken to a new level.

16. When people didn't agree with the plot.

17. When they wrote the shortest summary.

18. When everything was wrong.

19. When people missed the real king.

20. When people appreciated Chris Pratt's appearance.

21. And they drew fan art just to prove it.

22. When some scenes were full of surprises.

23. When there were so many uncalled for thoughts.

24. When you know adulthood is the worst.

25. And, finally, when you know that you're a true fan of the raptors.

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