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25 Times Niall Horan Was Impossibly Endearing On Instagram

No control at all.

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1. When he proved that he's Jamie's #1 fan. / Via

Cooking a yummy dinner by himself. What a man!

2. When Ed Sheeran was on TV and he couldn't miss it. / Via

Niall is Ed's #1 fan, too.

3. When he was just living his life. / Via

4. When he posted a pic of this adorable little guy. / Via

5. When he was a Real Madrid player on Halloween. / Via

6. When he was slightly judging Liam for his unhealthy dinner. / Via

8. When his dreams came true one more time. / Via

*fangirl mode mode is turned on*

9. When he was riding a tube and nobody acknowledged him. / Via

10. When he found this newspaper. / Via

11. When he posted this adorable photo of his mum and little nephew. / Via

12. When he was a proper fan boy. / Via

Hi, Novak Djokovic!

13. When he posted this fetus Niam photo. / Via

14. When Katy posed with Louis and Niall. / Via

She's a proper 1D fan.

15. When he bought this little trainers for his baby nephew. / Via

16. When he was hanging out with Leo Messi. / Via

17. When he showed us how Louis was stuck in the closet. / Via

Oh, poor boy.

19. When he was enjoing golf in the sunset. / Via

20. When he posed with this man of his dreams. / Via

21. When he was a Chef.

Honestly, this boy can cook, can sing, can playing guitar, what a dream?

22. When he found this little fella. / Via

23. When he proved that he is amazing uncle. / Via


24. When he and John were having a good time. / Via

25. And finally, when he posted this adorable OTP5 Selfie. / Via

Niall is the biggest fan of 1D.

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