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20 Times Amy Schumer Completely Understood You

She knows what's up.

1. She knows that food is your only true love.

2. She's a catch.

3. Comfy clothes are everything.

4. Procrastination is OK.

5. If you want to find your Prince Charming, you need to be creative.

6. She knows how hard communication can be.

7. You both fantasize about the same dream job.

8. She understand how overrated sexting can be.

9. You're both uncertain about your futures.

10. She knows why summer is the worst season ever.

11. She knows what makes a perfect evening.

12. She knows how important it is to compliment yourself.

13. Sometimes lying is OK.

14. And you're still trying to figure out that whole marriage thing.

15. And that whole dating thing.

16. This is exactly how your weekend goes.

17. She knows how it feels to be forever young.

18. Your diet plan needs to be reconsidered.

19. And you feel like this when you read your friend's Facebook status.

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