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19 Times Zayn Malik Was Incredible On Instagram

How can one person be so gorgeous?!

When his selfie game was super strong.

And his beautiful face was the reason for our heartbreak.

When he posted this adorable throwback photo with his dad.

When he thanked his talented fans.

When he showed his beautiful tattoo.

And this one.

When he was some kind of superhero.

When his fishing skills were super nice.

When he proved that he was basically a gorgeous god walking among us.

When he appreciated Louis' beauty.

When he proved that his family genes are impossibly strong.

When he was doing a sporting activity in this beautiful place.

When his pizza slice was bigger than yours.

When he was sexy nerd with glasses and tattoos.

When he was the cutest guy ever while holding a kitty.

When he was doing some mysterious things, as always.

When he was king of barbecue.

When he wasn't fan of ghosts.

And finally, when he was in a "Long hair, don't care" kind of mood.

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