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17 Times Samantha Jones Proved Being Single Rules

Who needs true love when you can have Sex AND the City?

1. You don't have to worry if commitment isn't your cup of tea.

2. You can please yourself as often you want, no strings attached.

3. It's OK to be a little selfish.

4. After all, the divorce rate is pretty high.

5. Don't let your married friends discourage you from having fun.

6. Don't worry, you can stay single and fabulous as long as you want.

7. Cause you know that Prince Charming doesn't exist.

8. You know your priorities are in the right place.

9. Who needs a painful heartbreak and box of tissues because of some stupid guy?

10. Especially when you know how to live life to the fullest without it.

11. And if you decide to spend Valentine's Day with some yummy treats, no one will judge you.

12. Because you're not like the other ladies who dream about white dresses.

13. And you prefer simple carefree affairs over this complicated true love shit.

14. Because you understand what's really important in this world.

15. Maybe someday you'll experience love.

16. But who needs it? Especially when you have food...

17. ...and, of course, true friendship.