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16 Times Demi Lovato Was Absolutely Adorable On Instagram

Give our hearts a break, Demi!

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1. When she showed this adorable selfie without makeup. / Via

"Cause we deserve to show the world our beauty and our confidence." Bravo, Demi!

2. When her little puppy Buddy literally was too cute for this world. / Via

Sweet baby <3

3. When she posed in her onesie and it was super adorable. / Via

Really adorable.

4. When she posted that Hilary Duff quote from A Cinderella Story. / Via

Who desn't waiting for it?

5. When she made this beanie by herself. / Via

Girl, you're so talented!

6. When she rocked her Halloween costume. / Via

Hi, J Lo and Iggy!

7. When she posted a photo with this little turtle. / Via

How sweet!

8. When she posed with Anna and Elsa. / Via

She's such a Disney fan, isn't she?

9. When her meet and greet was funny as hell. / Via

We sure about it.

10. When she posted a photo with her adorable sister. / Via


11. When she made a cute breakfast. / Via

Proud of you!

12. When she posed with this big guy. / Via

What we were saying about Disney? Yes.

13. When she was ready to save the world. / Via

SuperDemi <3

14. When she and Simon were having a fun. / Via

15. When she had a cute little Christmas party with kids. / Via

16. When she and Sam Smith showed their beautiful smiles. / Via

Can you guys make a duet maybe?

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