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16 Perfect Mugs Only "Mean Girls" Fans Will Appreciate

"That's so fetch!"

1. This one with a memorable quote.

2. This one that you can't help but read in Regina's voice.

3. This one is so fetch!

4. And this one that's just sassy.

5. This one is totally for you if you love glitter and have a great attitude.

6. If you're also a Disney fan, you can appreciate this.

7. This mug with an iconic quote.

8. This one with everyone's favorite question.

9. And of course, this mug about everyone's favorite holiday.

10. This mug is for the subtle fans.

11. This one if you're feeling bad for Gretchen.

12. This one will get you in the Halloween spirit.

13. This mug is very grool.

14. This one, because you can't help it that you're popular.

15. When you know that the limit doesn't exist.

16. This one is totally about fetch.