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What TV Show Or Movie Has The Worst Portrayal Of School?

How was Mr. Schuester allowed to continue teaching?

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and thought that whoever wrote it really didn't understand how school works?


Did you think, "That can't be right" during the Glee pilot when Mr. Schuester planted weed in a student's locker to get him to join the glee club?


This was after he spied on that same student singing in the shower.

Did you throw your hands up when High School Musical tried to convince you that it was practically impossible to do both sports and theater?


"Status Quo" is a bop but it is based on a LIE. Teens can have diverse interests!

How about the fact that Regina George was allowed wear her shirt like this in Mean Girls?

Lorne Michaels Productions

That's 100% a dress code violation. In fact, most of the outfits in this movie constitute a dress code violation.

Did the entirety of School of Rock make you angry because you knew there was no way those kids weren't going to have to repeat fifth grade?

Scott Rudin Productions

Whatever it is, we want to know what unrealistic portrayal of school got under your skin. Let us know for the chance to be featured on a BuzzFeed Community post!