Tom Hiddleston Has Rocked A LOT Of Hairstyles As Loki, So Here Is A Ranking Of All 11 Of Them

    Glorious purpose, indeed.

    Tom Hiddleston has been playing Loki in the MCU for 11 years — can you believe it?

    And throughout his tenure as the God of Mischief, he's sported many, many hairstyles. So here they are, ranked from worst to best:

    11. The spiky layers of Avengers: Endgame

    Loki sporting hair with very spiky ends during his appearance in endgame

    10. The (slightly less) spiky layers of The Avengers

    Loki's hair in Avengers was slicked back the top and very spiky at the bottom

    9. The short, slicked-back look fromThor

    His hair during his first appearance in Thor was short and completely slicked down

    8. The two helmets from Thor and The Avengers

    Loki's first two helmets were huge and covered his whole head

    7. The longer, looser hairstyle in Thor: The Dark World

    Loki's hair in thor: the dark world was longer and greasier than we'd seen before

    6. His sad, grieving look in Thor: The Dark World

    Loki's hair looked disheveled but naturally wavy after Frigga's death

    5. The briefly seen curls of Avengers: Infinity War

    Loki's curls in Infinity War were well defined but barely visible

    4. The D.B. Cooper cosplay in Episode 1 of Loki

    Loki dressed and styled like DB cooper in the 70s

    3. The short, voluminous bob of Loki

    Loki sporting a short, voluminous bob on his show

    2. The sort of half-up/half-down look when he came to Earth in Thor: Ragnarok

    Loki wearing a black suit while his long hair is loose but pinned back at the temples

    1. And finally, the majestic, loose locks of Thor: Ragnarok

    Loki's hair is loose and a bit past his shoulders, with easily distinguishable curls

    Do you agree with the winner? What about the other rankings? Discuss, please!