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    Tom Hiddleston Has Rocked A LOT Of Hairstyles As Loki, So Here Is A Ranking Of All 11 Of Them

    Glorious purpose, indeed.

    Tom Hiddleston has been playing Loki in the MCU for 11 years — can you believe it?

    Marvel Studios

    And throughout his tenure as the God of Mischief, he's sported many, many hairstyles. So here they are, ranked from worst to best:


    For research purposes, of course.

    11. The spiky layers of Avengers: Endgame

    Loki sporting hair with very spiky ends during his appearance in endgame
    Marvel Studios

    Loki has a short, but fun, appearance during the Time Heist in Endgame, during which he sees the opportunity to steal the Tesseract and does it (duh). This takes place immediately after The Avengers, so the hair department had to recreate the spider-like hair Loki sported in that film. I wasn't a fan of the original look, and this recreation is even worse. So many spiky layers! Last place. 

    10. The (slightly less) spiky layers of The Avengers

    Loki's hair in Avengers was slicked back the top and very spiky at the bottom
    Marvel Studios

    This was the original spiky look, and while it's less intense than the Endgame version, it's just not the right coif for our guy. 

    9. The short, slicked-back look fromThor

    His hair during his first appearance in Thor was short and completely slicked down
    Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

    This look isn't necessarily awful, but it just doesn't fit the vibe of our dear Loki. Where's the mischief? Where's the disregard for authority? Did Odin make him style his hair like this?? If so, I think I understand all that resentment Loki was carrying around.

    8. The two helmets from Thor and The Avengers

    Loki's first two helmets were huge and covered his whole head
    Marvel Studios

    They say you can hide a bad haircut under a hat, but these helmets just drew more attention to the fact that Loki was not looking his best. The Thor helmet looks fused to his head, and the horns going straight up look like antennae. The more dramatic Avengers helmet makes his spiky hair look like a tiny feathery scarf. Anyway, both helmets are inferior to the crown we see him wearing in later installments. 

    7. The longer, looser hairstyle in Thor: The Dark World

    Loki's hair in thor: the dark world was longer and greasier than we'd seen before
    Paramount Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Where his previous looks were over-styled and restrictive, the Loki we saw in Thor: The Dark World stepped away from (some of) the hair gel and let his hair grow out a bit in prison. It wasn't his greatest, but he was certainly moving in the right direction.

    6. His sad, grieving look in Thor: The Dark World

    Loki's hair looked disheveled but naturally wavy after Frigga's death
    Marvel Studios

    In his grief after Frigga's death, Loki seems to have abandoned all efforts to style his hair and let it do its thing naturally. The disheveled, long curls were perfectly representative of Loki's angst through most of this movie and made him look like a rock star. The overall look might be a little sad and unkempt, but what can I say? If we're judging hair, which we are, it works.

    5. The briefly seen curls of Avengers: Infinity War

    Loki's curls in Infinity War were well defined but barely visible
    Marvel Studios

    I wish I did not need to include this scene, but alas. Loki's brief and fatal (sob) appearance in Infinity War saw him sporting basically the same look he had in Thor: Ragnarok. You can't see it too well because it's dark, but those curls look well defined and not too gelled. Not a bad hairstyle to die with. 

    4. The D.B. Cooper cosplay in Episode 1 of Loki

    Loki dressed and styled like DB cooper in the 70s

    This is the most like Tom Hiddleston Loki has ever looked, and you have to admire his commitment to the '70s aesthetic. His hair isn't the most exciting, but there's nothing glaringly off-putting about it, which is more than can be said of his early MCU hairstyles. In fact, he looks quite dapper.

    3. The short, voluminous bob of Loki

    Loki sporting a short, voluminous bob on his show

    Apparently, a trip through space with the Tesseract can also fix your hair. Somehow, between his escape in Endgame and the first episode of Loki, Loki got a haircut, and the spiky ends were (thankfully) gone. 

    2. The sort of half-up/half-down look when he came to Earth in Thor: Ragnarok

    Loki wearing a black suit while his long hair is loose but pinned back at the temples
    Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

    I find it hilarious that Loki's choice of attire when adventuring to Earth is so formal, but his hair looks great. He's keeping it tidy by pinning up the sides but letting the bottom flow freely — kinda like a soft mullet.

    1. And finally, the majestic, loose locks of Thor: Ragnarok

    Loki's hair is loose and a bit past his shoulders, with easily distinguishable curls
    Marvel Studios

    My God (of Mischief), this is the look. Never have the Loki LocksTM looked so voluminous, so well defined, or so silky. With or without headwear, Ragnarok featured Loki's best MCU hair by a mile. 

    Do you agree with the winner? What about the other rankings? Discuss, please!

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