Join Me As I Admire And Chuckle At These Pictures Of The At-Home Season 4 Premiere Of "The Crown"

    "If one cannot go to a premiere, the premiere must go to one."

    2020 took a lot of things from us, but at least the TV has been good. And that streak seems like it's gonna continue, because Season 4 of The Crown premieres THIS WEEK.

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    Nov. 15, to be exact.

    Sadly, because of that pesky pandemic, the cast wasn't able to get together to celebrate with a fancy red carpet.

    The clever folks at Netflix had a solution, though. An at-home premiere!

    If one cannot go to a premiere, the premiere must go to one (?). The Crown series 4 at-home premiere is underway.

    There's a lot to unpack here, starting with the fact that Netflix seems to have sent the whole cast their own mini red carpets and press walls.

    I can't shake the mental image of a Netflix employee cutting the background and carpet into equal pieces to send to everyone.

    But let's look at some outfits, starting with the queen herself, Olivia Colman, who seems to have set up her carpet and wall right next to her couch.

    New cast member Gillian Anderson (who will be embodying Margaret Thatcher) decided to set hers up in the kitchen, presumably for proximity to snacks.

    Excited to celebrate @TheCrownNetflix S4 premiere kitchen! ๐Ÿ‘‘ Thank you to @Dior for allowing me to wear this beautiful dress and jewelry and a huge applause to the fab @marthaward2 for my styling all week! ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    Watching her and Olivia go head-to-head as Thatcher and the queen is going to be, I kid you not, the highlight of my holiday season.

    Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor, who play Diana and Prince Charles, didn't miss out on the fun.

    Emma Corrin smiling on the left and Josh O'Connor not smiling on the right

    Best of all was Helena Bonham Carter, who, true to the show's version of Princess Margaret, was the life of the party. Complete with an actual crown and two adorable pups, she absolutely embodied ~royalty~!

    Helena Bonham Carter with her arms raised as if to say, "ta-da!"

    This is just a really fun way to celebrate premieres while staying safe, so hats off to whichever member of Netflix's publicity team came up with it.