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Why Don't You Want To Get Married?

More like "I Don't," amirite?

A lot of us were raised to think that marriage was a super important part of life, and that you couldn't really consider yourself settled until you'd tied the knot.

But times have changed! And people are exploring different lifestyles that don't involve walking down the aisle. For one reason or another, you might have no interest in getting married.

You might find the idea of sharing a home, bank account, and property with another person to be wholly unappealing.

Perhaps you think that monogamy is just not realistic and relationships that rely on that kind of commitment are doomed from the start.

Or maybe it's as simple as not wanting to get married because you don't want to risk getting divorced. Who needs a piece of paper anyway?

Whatever the reason is, we want to hear it. If you're someone who never wants to get married, tell us why! You might be featured on a BuzzFeed Community post.