"Ted Lasso" Is Finally Coming Back In March, So Here's Every Little Detail We Know About The New Season

    Sorry to the #TedBecca shippers out there, but it's not looking likely.

    It's been approximately six million days since the last new episode of Ted Lasso.

    Okay, it hasn't been quite that long, but the Season 2 finale aired all the way back in Oct. 2021, and the wait for Season 3 has been ETERNAL.

    To tide you over until it premieres, here's every single detail we know about Season 3 so far:

    1. The show will officially return ON MARCH 15, WHICH IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

    the three coaches on the field

    2. WE HAVE A TRAILER, which a) gave us our first glimpse of these characters in a year and a half and b) gives us a couple hints as to what will happen in Season 3 that we can inhale, dissect, and watch six million more times

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    Here are some highlights:

    – Jamie on the pitch getting boo'ed by Manchester City fans, which means Richmond is going to play them again after Season 2's devastating loss. 

    – Roy and Keeley holding hands in what appears to be Jamie's childhood bedroom (his name is on the diploma on the wall). Does the team visit Jamie's childhood home when they play Man City?? Seems likely.

    – A mid-match fight breaking out between Richmond and West Ham players, with Ted, Roy, Beard, and Nate watching from their respective sidelines.

    – Ted, Beard, and Ted's son Henry (who has GROWN since we last saw him) in the stands watching a West Ham game, much to Nate's annoyance.

    – Finally, team huddle during which Sam (!!) is wearing the captain's band, even though we see Isaac wearing it earlier in the trailer. Starting at 1:20, it looks like the Ted Lasso editors are trying to trick us by cutting together two different huddle scenes. This is based on the fact that Sam is using a different hand in each one, the players are standing in a different order, and most notably, Roy, Isaac, and maybe even Dani appear to be missing in one of them. My guess: the huddle where Sam is captain and says "I love you guys so very much" is one game and the huddle at 1:27 is a different game. Sam's huddle is probably later in the season. 

    3. Jason Sudeikis is effectively the showrunner this season, after previously sharing duties with Bill Lawrence.

    closeup of ted lasso

    4. Season 3 will be the last season of this version of the show.

    Apple hasn't made an official announcement, and it seems like there's some wiggle room, but all signs point to Ted Lasso's story being over after Season 3. Here are all the relevant comments from the cast and crew:

    Brett Goldstein gave the most direct answer when he told E! News that the series had a 'three-season arc' and is set to come to an end this season. 

    Bill Lawrence also told Deadline: "I would probably stay clean and say that even if Ted Lasso goes on, the story the writing staff has been telling had a beginning, middle, and end for the first three seasons. And then it might veer off from that."

    Here are Jason Sudeikis's comments to Entertainment Weekly in June 2021: "The story that's being told - that three-season arc - is one that I see, know, and understood. [...] I'm glad that they are willing to pay for those three seasons. As far as what happens after that, who knows? I don't know." 

    Ted Lasso coordinating producer Adam Hamilton recently posted this heartfelt tribute to the show's cast and crew, with lots of telling past tense language in the caption.

    "I asked [Jason] recently," Hannah Waddingham told E! News. "And he went, 'Yeah, I think so, for now.' And I was like, 'OK.'"

    On the other hand, Juno Temple told Variety's Award Circuit Podcast back in July 2022 that "No one has told [her] it's over."

    5. The entire main cast is returning for Season 3.

    the cast at an event

    6. That also includes Sarah Niles as Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, even though she left Richmond at the end of Season 2.

    ted and dr. sharon walking on the field

    7. He might not be working at the Independent anymore, but Trent Crimm (James Lance) will also have a "significant" role in the season.

    ted and trent talking outside

    8. So will Rebecca's friend, Sassy, though that's less of a surprise.

    sassy saying, rupert, i think about your death every single day. i can't wiat

    9. Becky Ann Baker will reportedly join the cast and play Ted's mom (!!!!).

    closeup of becky

    10. As will Jodi Balfour as Jack, a venture capitalist.

    closeup of jodi

    11. We'll also see new players in the locker room according to Ted Lasso editors Melissa McCoy and AJ Catoline.

    player getting his head shaved in front of his teammates

    12. As for plot details, they also said that we can expect Rebecca and Nate to have the biggest character arcs of the season.

    rebecca sitting at her desk

    13. Richmond is gonna play against West Ham twice during the season, which will be super awkward since Nate coaches them now.

    closeup of nate on the field with coach beard behind him

    14. Brendan Hunt teased that we're gonna learn some of the backstory of Rebecca and Rupert's awful marriage, which probably means we'll see Anthony Head again.

    closeup of rupert

    15. As far as Ted and Rebecca's relationship is concerned, Hannah Waddingham seems to think it should and will remain platonic.

    closeup of ted and rebecca walking outside

    16. Finally, the Richmond uniforms are getting an upgrade thanks to Nike, here's a sneak peek released on Twitter.

    Just believe it. So proud to have @Nike as our new official kit supplier. https://t.co/nxoJm2qZHt

    Twitter: @AFCRichmond

    Here are the old uniforms.