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16 Things That "The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody" Never Explained

Carey Martin deserved a bedroom!

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck were terrific sitcoms, there's no denying that. However, many years later I still have pressing questions that were never answered.

1. Was the Tipton candy stand only ever open at night? And for, like, three hours?


For starters, the entire existence of Maddie's job flew in the face of child labor laws. And since it seemed like she was the only one who worked there, we can assume that it was only open for a few hours a day which, honestly, doesn't seem like a good business decision.

2. Why did Carey, Zack and Cody's mom, have to sleep on a pull-out couch in the living room?


I get that the hotel let them live there for free, but if London can have a suite with multiple closets, Carey Martin should have at least had a bedroom.

3. On that note, what hotel has a live-in lounge singer who gets to live there for free?


Carey sang in the hotel lounge every night, and we know she was paid a salary because she frequently mentioned not getting paid very much. But the hotel seemed to let the Martins live there for free, which seems like a pretty sweet deal.

4. Were there any other teachers besides Miss Tutweiller at Seven Seas High School?


Did she teach everything? Was she the principal? As far as I know, they once mentioned a science teacher and let Cody teach home economics in one episode. Otherwise, it was Miss Tutweiller all the time.

5. Did Zack and Cody ever have to pay for the all the damage they did to the hotel?


They broke a satellite dish in the very first episode! Did those repairs come out of Carey's salary? Did the hotel cover them?

6. What ever happened to the record deal that the twins won at the end of "Band in Boston"?


Justice for "School's Out," the anthem of my 12-year-old self.

7. What ever happened to Max?


As someone who was deeply invested in Max and Zack's relationship, I was sad when she disappeared without a trace. Plus she was played by Alyson Stoner!

8. Am I really supposed to believe that they never went back to Room 613 after finding a legit ghost?


Most of the stuff that happened in this episode was part of a prank on Zack, but the ghost turned out to be real at the very end.

9. Exactly how old is London?


I always thought London was the same age as Maddie (and old enough for a learner's permit), but then she was in high school with the twins in The Suite Life on Deck. Admittedly, the joke was always that she kept failing classes and getting held back, but how old was this girl (woman?) when she finally finished high school?

10. Does the twins' dad ever give them any money?


Kurt Martin made a few appearances on the show, and we learn he's part of a touring rock band. Did he pay child support? Is his band successful? Where did he live when his band wasn't touring? In short, his whole character is a dang mystery to me.

11. Did Maddie get legitimately arrested by the FBI in "A Midsummer's Nightmare"? For spending $100 she found?


Yeah, yeah, it was technically a counterfeit bill, but how was she supposed to know that? Seems excessive, IDK.

12. If Maddie came from a lower-middle class family, how could she afford to live next to Fenway Park?


In "Poor Little Rich Girl," we learned that Maddie lives so close to Fenway Park that foul baseballs would sometimes fly in through her window. Sorry for being a party pooper, but that apartment must've been hella expensive. No wonder the poor girl had to balance a million jobs!

13. Did the concept of cruise school in Suite Life on Deck make even a tiny bit of sense? Or did we just tell ourselves that because we wanted more twin hijinks?


Seems like a bunch of teens let loose on a cruise with only two adults as supervision would be an insurance nightmare.

14. Why was Cody good at woodworking in one episode, and then terrible at it in a different episode?


One of the episodes in Season 1 established that Cody had an A in woodworking class. Later in the second two episode "Books and Birdhouses," he had to take woodworking again and was very bad at it. Explain yourself, Mr. Martin.

15. What was Bailey's plan when she dressed up as a boy to attend Seven Seas High School?


In the pilot of Suite Life on Deck, Bailey dressed up as a boy because there were no more spaces for girls, but was she really going to keep that up the whole time she attended the school? And how did she have all of her regular clothes ready to wear when they found her out?

16. Why was Mr. Moseby falling overboard all the time in Suite Life on Deck?


I spent my entire life thinking that falling overboard was a completely normal and not-that-dangerous occurrence. As it turns out, it's extremely dangerous and most people don't survive it. So THANKS for that lie, Disney.

Do you have any Suite Life questions that still need answers (or maybe you have answers for some of mine)? Comment below!

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