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    Ryan Seacrest Talked About How "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Started 14 Years Ago

    Turns out, network executives weren't entirely sold on the show either!

    Yesterday, we learned that Keeping Up with the Kardashians will end after 14 years on the air.

    It turns out, Ryan Seacrest really believed in the family's reality TV potential, because the process of getting the show on the air wasn't as smooth sailing as you might think.

    Charley Gallay / Getty Images

    On today's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the host and producer reacted to the news and talked about how the show started.

    Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest

    “[Kris Jenner] was looking to do a show with the family," said Ryan. “We met and I remember they were going to do a barbecue at their house. She said, ‘Why don’t you send a camera up and shoot this barbecue?’”

    Kris Jenner reading something on a computer screen

    Kris Jenner, expertly marketing her progeny since 2006.

    One pretty immediate problem: Ryan and his team did not have equipment to film with. “We [didn't] own a camera,” he said. “So we had to go get a camera from Best Buy.”


    Yep, that's right. The world's biggest reality TV show was pitched using footage from whatever camera a Best Buy in California had available 14 and a half years ago.

    The next roadblock came from E!, even though the seven minutes of barbecue footage had "all of the ingredients to make a great show," according to Ryan. Network executives didn't think seven minutes was enough to commission a whole show.

    Kim Kardashian crying in the ocean

    Imagine living in a world where we never got to see Kim cry over her (momentarily) lost diamond earring in the ocean.

    Not one to be deterred, Ryan got on the phone with the head of E! at the time, talked him into green-lighting the show, and got it on the air mere weeks later.

    Opening from Season 1 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    "Thank you to the Kardashians, who changed entertainment forever, I think," said Ryan, as he shared a pic of himself and the famous family from back in the day.

    Jeff Vespa / Getty Images

    There you have it: perseverance prevails. You can watch everything Ryan had to say about his creation coming to an end here:

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