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    17 Reboots You Actually Want To See If You Were Born In The '90s

    Not just Disney!

    We live in the age of live-action reboots.


    All the nostalgia feels.

    Some have been better ideas than others, but the truth is that anything is fair game for a remake in 2019.

    But can we all finally agree that live-action talking animals are kinda creepy?

    So, studios, if you're listening: here are some ideas for live-action reboots that any child of the '90s would ACTUALLY want to see:

    1. The Powerpuff Girls

    Cartoon Network

    If there is any piece of pop culture that needs to be reintroduced in 2019, it's the show about three female superheroes who also happen to be six-year-olds. Not only did The Powerpuff Girls protect Townsville, but they also navigated Kindergarten and the trials of sisterhood.

    2. Hey Arnold!


    Move over, Riverdale. This is the ensemble piece we need in 2019.

    3. Hercules


    WHERE is this reboot?? Disney has rebooted so many of their animated classics, but we still don't have live-action Muses? Make it make sense. A cross between Mamma Mia and Greek mythology, this reboot can take all my money.

    4. Johnny Bravo

    Cartoon Network

    A self-proclaimed macho man whose toxic masculinity is deconstructed through his encounters with women? Sign me up please.

    5. The Proud Family


    This show might be coming back on Disney+, but until that's confirmed, I'll keep dreaming about a new theme song from Destiny's Child and Solange. The Proud Family is part of the Disney Channel era that included That's So Raven (rebooted) and Lizzie McGuire (also rebooted!), so this one's just logical.

    6. Daria


    If you hated high school, then you probably loved Daria. Even if you didn't hate high school, title-character Daria's deadpan roasting of everyone around her was hilarious. C'mon, MTV. This is the role Aubrey Plaza was born to play.

    7. My Life As A Teenage Robot


    If we can make RDJ's Iron Man suit look real, then this should be no problem.

    8. Pepper Ann


    Pepper Ann does not get enough credit! This show about an offbeat middle schooler tackled puberty, divorce, racism, death, cultural appropriation and gender equality/identity. Pepper Ann and her friends were ahead of the game in 1997, and I'd like to see them again, please.

    9. Danny Phantom


    First of all, let's just be honest and all admit we had a crush on Danny Fenton. Also, how cool would a live-action Phantom Zone look? Give us the procedural we deserve, Nickelodeon.

    10. As Told By Ginger


    Being a girl in middle school is brutal, and As Told By Ginger knew it. It didn't shy away from the darker side of adolescence, which helped it resonate with audiences long after it ended.

    11. Recess


    T.J. Detweiler and his friends were the main characters on this show, but the adults (namely Miss Finster and Principle Prickly) made it funny for adults too.

    12. Codename: Kids Next Door

    Cartoon Network

    This show about kid secret agents who operated out of a secret treehouse lair was basically a cartoon version of Spy Kids. What more could you want?

    13. Rocket Power


    If Rocket Power made you think you were coordinated enough to attempt skateboard tricks, you are not alone. Extreme sports aside, Reggie's hair was awesome and you're lying if you say you didn't want to dye yours purple too.

    14. Schoolhouse Rock!


    Without this classroom staple, no '90s kid would know why the American Revolution started or what a bill is.

    15. Gargoyles


    Gargoyles was a lot darker than most cartoons, but that didn't stop me from imagining I could sprout wings at night and fly around New York City. And if a live-action reboot ended up being a cross between Law and Order and Game of Thrones, it might just be the best show ever.

    16. The Emperor's New Groove


    This is Disney's funniest movie and I will die on this hill. Eartha Kitt's performance as Yzma was iconic and the chance to recreate it is enough reason to bring it back.

    17. Atlantis: The Lost Empire


    Since Disney is remaking Mulan as a non-musical, they should be willing to revisit some of their other non-musical cartoons. Enter Atlantis: The Lost Empire, a movie that was severely underrated in 2001. Maybe it can get the appreciation it deserves in 2020.

    Did we miss any cartoons that you want to see rebooted? Let us know in the comments!