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    Pete Davidson Broke Character And Truly Could Not Recover During His "Weekend Update" Segment On "SNL"

    "We bought a ferry! The windowless van of the sea."

    Once again, Saturday Night Live is making jokes about Pete Davidson's life outside of the show, but this time the joke is about a recent purchase he made with one of his costars.

    It happened during this week's "Weekend Update," when anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che were joined by "Guy Who Just Bought a Boat" (Alex Moffat).

    It was quickly pointed out that Colin himself is a new boat owner, leading him to invite "Guy Who Just Bought a Ferry" on stage — Pete Davidson, the co-owner of said boat.

    Yes, it's true — Staten Island natives Colin and Pete have bought a decommissioned Staten Island ferry with plans to turn it into an entertainment venue.

    Pete quickly made a joke about their co-investor, who he guarantees is a real person.

    Pete said "We bought it with this guy, Paulie Italia, which is the name of a real person and not a Mafia-themed wrestler"

    Then they talked about the sheer size of the ferry, which is when things started to go downhill for Pete.

    Colin and "Guy" kept talking about the ferry while Pete happily giggled next to them, and no, he never recovered his composure. Even Colin lost it a little bit!

    You can check out "Three Guys Who Just Bought a Boat" right here!

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