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    56 Nude Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure

    Nude nails can be anything you want them to be.

    Getting your nails done — or doing them yourself — is one of the easiest ways to pamper yourself, but how do you pick a color with so many options?

    If you want something that matches all your clothes (or you're just plain indecisive), you can't go wrong with nude nails!

    Lest you think nude nails could ever be boring, here are a bunch of nude nail designs to inspire your next mani:

    1. You can keep things festive for the holidays with some seasonal nude nails, like these that have adorable little polka dots.

    2. Or this one with a singular Christmas tree for a minimalist approach.

    3. You can trim your nails with some glitter and gold just like you would a Christmas tree.

    4. You could also skip the holidays altogether and let it snow on your mani.

    5. Sometimes simplicity is perfection, and a glossy nude manicure is nothing to scoff at. Clean, crisp, classic, what's not to like?

    6. I mean, there is nothing more satisfying.

    7. For a modern take on a classic, you could try this ombre reminiscent of a French manicure.

    8. The gold stars on these nude nails are dainty and delicate, but they still punch up the overall look.

    9. A color family manicure is a great way to incorporate different nude adjacent shades, and this one is particularly on brand for fall.

    10. At first glance, this might look like a regular pink manicure, but the white line adds a unique and subtle detail.

    11. You can make the swirl even more dramatic by incorporating black.

    12. Nude nails are naturally versatile, but you can opt for a more seasonally specific design like this New Year's Eve manicure.

    13. Valentine's Day is also a great time for nude manicure...

    14. ...even though hearts are appropriate year-round.

    15. Some glitter confetti is a great way to spruce up a monochromatic manicure.

    16. But this colorful confetti number is also a ~lewk~.

    17. Who among us would say no to a little glitter?

    18. Some carefully placed strokes of color and a bit of gold leaf can make your nude nails look like modern art.

    19. Throwing in a tiny detail like this adorable blue eye is like having a little secret just for yourself.

    20. This pastel French manicure looks great year round, but it would look extra perfect for spring or summer.

    21. You could also turn the tips of your French manicure into spooky lil ghoasties.

    22. Hot pink was THE biggest color trend of 2022, so these short nude nails are totally in style.

    23. Metallic fall colors will look great with all your cozy sweaters this autumn.

    24. There's something very satisfying about perfectly symmetrical almond-shaped nails in a milky, opalescent pink.

    25. There are endless ways to incorporate glitter into your nude manicure, and this ombré is just one of many gorgeous options.

    26. A silver or gold swirl on your nails is a great idea if you want to match your jewelry.

    27. The rhinestones in this mani are obviously eye-catching, but the real drama comes from the stiletto shape.

    28. Your manicure can have a unifying theme (daisies, in this case), but each individual nail can stand out with its own design.

    29. A combination of swirls and tips in contrasting colors will have everyone asking where you get your nails done.

    30. Animal print has made a huge comeback in recent years, and there's no reason to leave your nails out of the trend.

    31. These stiletto nails are clearly a very neutral shade, but their holographic sheen adds a nice twist.

    32. Going for a longer shape, like ballerina nails, leaves you with enough space to add a striking flower detail on any of your fingers...

    33. ...or you can go the whole nine yards and embellish your whole hand.

    34. Ombré? Check. Jewels? Also check.

    35. Color isn't the only way to make your nails stand out, as you can see from these intricately textured nailies.

    36. You can combine techniques for an even more unique look.

    37. A bold, geometric tip like this one can even let you have two nail shapes at once — the nails themselves are square, but the nude center is almond-shaped.

    38. Ombré nails are an offshoot of French manicures, but you don't need to stick to the classic white tip. Also, peep the embellishments on the pinky.

    39. Psychadelic rainbow tips like these make a strong case for ballerina shaped nails.

    40. I can't explain it, but this uniform white and gold design is very satisfying.

    41. So satisfying in fact, that you should see another variation of it on different shaped nails.

    42. Your nail beds can get in on the fun too.

    43. Everyone knows that marble is fancy, so what better way to pamper your nails?

    44. For another twist on the iconic French mani, here are some angular pastel tips on square nails.

    45. Having different but complimentary designs on each nail is a way to incorporate intricate nail art even if you have shorter nails.

    46. Here's another nude-toned gradient, but with little gold flecks.

    47. This half French, half flower manicure is the perfect combination of classy and whimsical.

    48. You can switch up the colors to fit any season, but the yellow and turquoise accents on these nails scream "summer!"

    49. If you say these hearts aren't adorable, you are simply lying.

    50. Most of these nails are obviously not nude, but the coordinated tip and nail bed on the middle and pointer finger are too cute to ignore.

    51. You could easily apply the designs on the middle and forefinger to your whole hand.

    52. If it's not clear by now, swirly lines in different colors are some of the most aesthetically pleasing designs out there.

    53. Simple, straight lines can go a long way to add some spice to a nude manicure.

    54. These tiny silver tips on almond nails are the picture of elegance.

    55. These agate-inspired tips are just another way to incorporate different colors and nails onto your nude mani.

    56. Finally, if you're still not convinced that nude nails aren't boring, feast your eyes on this beige and purple creation that's EVEN MORE amazing from the side.

    Shout out to the amazing manicurists whose work is featured in this post! Make sure you give them a follow for even more nail inspo 😄.