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    17 Superhero Movie Moments That Make No Sense Once You Think About Them

    Even by superhero movie standards, some of these moments are just plain old plot holes.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the superhero movie moments that don't really make any sense when you think about them.

    No matter how cool they looked on screen, they don't quite hold up when it comes to, y'know, logic (yes, even by superhero movie standards).


    1. When Tony Stark blew up his Iron Man suits at the end of Iron Man 3.

    Tony Stark hugs Pepper as his suits explode

    "Those things weren't toys! And the fact that he was subtly guilted into destroying those hard-earned, symbolic suits for Pepper showed me that, for the majority of the MCU, they were a toxic couple."


    2. There's no way Bruce Wayne could have gotten back to Gotham after escaping Bane's prison in The Dark Knight Rises.

    Batman talking to Catwoman upon his return to Gotham
    DC Films

    He didn't have a phone or wallet, so how could he call someone who knew him or pay to get back to Gotham?! He was a celebrity and everybody thought he was dead, so how was he able to pull off his return and keep it a secret??

    3. When Steve Rogers was able to hold off Thanos, someone much stronger than him, through sheer force of will at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

    Steve Rogers fighting Thanos

    "We saw Thanos make the Hulk bleed! Even though we know Steve is strong as hell, he shouldn't have been able to hold him back like that. He also shouldn't have survived getting punched in the head by him."


    4. When Ares showed up at the end of Wonder Woman and ruined the ending.

    Wonder Woman looking at Ares
    DC Films

    "The movie's ending was set up PERFECTLY, with Diana realizing that there's no Big Bad to kill and that humans are inherently evil and flawed. But nooo, we had to have yet another incomprehensible CGI battle that made a good movie worse."


    5. Peter was able to give the E.D.I.T.H. glasses away without the glasses having any sort of security protocol in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

    Peter using the EDITH glasses

    "Tony left them for Peter, and knowing Tony, there would have been a lot of encryptions to make sure Peter was the only one who could access the program. Also, there’s no way E.D.I.T.H. didn’t recognize all the past Stark employees surrounding Peter in a fake surrounding, or that Mysterio could take control of E.D.I.T.H. like it was someone’s Facebook account."


    6. When Colossus, who is made out of steel, ate cereal in Deadpool.

    Colossus eating cereal
    20th Century Fox

    "It has always confused me how Colossus can eat cereal like that."


    7. In The Dark Knight, when Bruce Wayne took the blame for several murders in order to save Harvey Dent's reputation and credibility.

    Batman talking to Commissioner Gordon
    DC FIlms

    "Why didn't they just say that the Joker killed those people? He had been on a huge killing spree for a lot of the movie, so I feel like it would've been easy to just say that he also killed the corrupt cops and the other people."


    8. The public turning against the Avengers for damages and casualties in Captain America: Civil War was a contrived way to build conflict within the group.

    Wanda after accidentally causing an explosion

    "At the beginning of the film, it's Rumlow who sets off the explosion in Lagos, and Wanda manages to minimize casualties. Even a halfway competent PR team could have spun it so the Avengers came out looking alright. It’s just bad writing so they could have an excuse to set up the Accords."


    9. The explanation that Ant-Man gives of Pym Particles doesn't make sense considering Ant-Man's abilities.

    Ant-Man looking at Pym Particles

    "The explanation is that they reduce the space between atoms in order to shrink an object, and increase it to enlarge them, but this doesn’t account for the object's weight. Even if something has been shrunken down, it will still be its original weight. How could Lang be able to ride ants or do half the stuff he’s able to do while tiny?"


    10. Wakanda's method of choosing a king isn't exactly logical and made it really easy for Killmonger to stage a coup in Black Panther.

    T'Challa facing Killmonger

    A civilization as advanced and sophisticated as Wakanda should see the flaws in a system that lets literally anybody who can win a fight become the ruler.

    11. The "Martha" debacle in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, among other things.

    Batman chokes Superman
    DC Films

    "The fact that Batman and Superman were suddenly cool with one another because both their moms were named Martha was absolutely ridiculous.

    Also, this gripe is small and petty — and the movie was a mess so IDK why I focus on this — but for some reason, another part that gets me is when Wonder Woman shows up, and neither Batman nor Superman know how she ended up there. But Batman literally contacted her! He emailed her, 'This you?' and was somehow confused as to why she showed up."


    12. The way Patience Phillips got her powers in Catwoman was complete nonsense.

    Catwoman whispering to a cat
    Village Roadshow Pictures

    "Catwoman is the only DC film I’ve ever seen (I’m into MCU movies) and sorry, but at the beginning of the movie she dies, and then a cat breathes on her and she comes back to life...and has cat powers??"


    13. The X-Men movies had a lot of moments that didn't make sense continuity-wise, chief among them the question of when Jean Grey got her Phoenix powers.

    Jean Grey unleashing her Phoenix powers
    20th Century Fox

    "If Jean already had the Phoenix powers in Apocalypse and used them to save the day, then why did they try to say she got them at the beginning of the next movie (Dark Phoenix)? We saw her use them before!"


    "Please don't even bother with the X-Men ones. The continuity is a mess. It's easier to just watch and not understand what time is."


    14. The ending of Avengers: Endgame — when Captain America went back in time to be with Peggy Carter and reappeared in the present as an old man — completely went against the rules that the movie itself set up.

    Captain America as an old man

    "If he stayed in the past to live with Peggy, he would have created an alternate timeline according to what the movie established. In order to appear in the original timeline as an old man, he would have had to come back via the time machine, not showed up at the bench. It’s completely against the rules of time travel they set up."


    15. Star-Lord's cassette player shouldn't still work in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Star-Lord using his cassette player

    "Those must be some magic-ass batteries for them to last 30 years!"


    16. General Ross should not have been promoted to Secretary of State after his mishandling of the military in The Incredible Hulk.

    General Ross and his daughter Betty

    When he showed up in Civil War, I genuinely could not believe it was the same guy. His entire approach to the Hulk situation led to a chunk of Manhattan being destroyed, and they let him have even more power in regards to superheroes? Make it make sense.

    17. And finally, Steve's continued interest in Sharon after finding out she was Peggy's niece in Captain America: Civil War was odd.

    Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter

    "Even ignoring the end of Endgame, she's the NIECE of the woman he loved and mourned. That shit is weird no matter how you slice it."


    What superhero movie moments made no dang sense to you? Let us know in the comments below!

    Submissions have been modified for clarity and length.

    Not all submissions are from Community users.

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