"The Recruit" Just Dropped, So Here Are Noah Centineo's Best Moments As Owen Hendricks

    Babe, wake up, a new Noah Centineo character just dropped.

    Noah Centineo is back on our screens in Netflix's The Recruit, and no more is he our internet boyfriend. He's a (sort of) spy now!

    Just kidding, he will always be the internet's boyfriend. But as Owen Hendricks, Noah definitely proves that he's ready to be an action star while still showing off the charms that made him such a great rom-com lead.

    noah in a suit walking outside of a house

    The time of Peter Kavinsky may be over, but Owen Hendricks is here to become your new fictional TV bae. Here are some of his (and Noah Centineo's) best moments from Season 1:

    🚨SPOILER WARNING🚨 for Season 1 of The Recruit.

    1. From the first moment we meet him singing "I Knew You Were Trouble" while he's peeing in the snow, it's clear Owen is an absolute dork (affectionate).

    owen with his back to the camera peeing in the snow

    2. He's also a bit of an idiot, given how he walked up to a black site in Yemen and just started demanding information. He immediately gets a fingernail ripped off and pees his pants.

    owen getting his fingernail ripped off and then saying, yeah, i fucking pissed myself you guys are very good at your jobs

    3. He might work for the CIA, but he's not above googling "How to negotiate with drug dealers."

    owen typing on his phone

    4. He's refreshingly self-aware for an action hero, frequently repeating to anyone who will listen that he is not qualified for the increasingly dangerous situations he finds himself in.

    a wet owen in a suit says, i'm nobody, i'm a lawyer if i worked in intelligence do you think i'd be so bad at it?

    5. Owen doesn't actually know how to fight, but his fight scenes are still exciting because he desperately swings around whatever he can get his hands on to avoid dying.

    owen crouched behind a door and looking scared at the knife that's pierced through

    6. He often relies on the "fake it 'til you make it" approach regarding his spy work, but does seem to be a good lawyer. It's a combination that helps him do things like blackmail a Swiss banker like he does in Episode 7.

    owen with another agent at the desk of a banker

    7. And like all respectable action heroes, Owen/Noah can rock a disheveled, blood-spattered appearance.

    owen with a nose bleed and then getting into a clean shirt

    8. The Recruit is first and foremost a spy/action show, but it's also a show starring Noah Centineo and you know what that means: he's gonna have insane chemistry with everyone, but especially his three love interests. Three!

    closeups of the three different women

    9. Owen's relationship with fellow lawyer, Amelia, is reminiscent of 2000s rom-coms with its sexy banter and fun workplace dynamic.

    owen and amelia shaking hands at her desk

    10. Owen and Hannah are set up as the show's OTP and perfectly fit the friends-to-lovers trope, but both have some growing up to do before they can give their romance another shot.

    owen and hannah in the library

    11. Finally, there's Max, the rogue CIA asset who will definitely get Owen killed one day but whose relationship with him is the absolute best thing about the show.

    max and owen sitting across from each other

    12. The relationship between Owen and Max leads to the climax of Owen's entire arc when he immediately kills two people after they shoot and injure Max in the season finale. It's also Noah Centineo's best acting moment of the season.

    owen pointing a gun

    13. Lastly, unlike some of Noah's previous characters, Owen is not the perfect idealized man. Frankly, he's a mess.

    owen looking from a door frame

    In summation, start The Recruit for Noah Centineo, stay for the genuinely fun spy show.