"New Girl" Is Better Than "Friends" And Here's 19 Reasons Why

    "Friends" has a better theme song, but that's the only concession I'll make.

    Hello! I am a young millennial, and in between sipping lattes and munching on avocado toast, I enjoy the television program New Girl.

    A show I don't enjoy? Friends, aka New Girl from the '90s.

    Here are just a few reasons why New Girl is the far superior sitcom about friendship (in my opinion).

    My mom agrees with me, and who else's approval do I really need?

    1. Let's start with the big stuff: Nick and Jess are the couple Ross and Rachel wish they were.

    2. Ross and Rachel's first kiss was fine, but Nick and Jess's is quite possibly the best thing I've seen on the small screen.

    3. New Girl never resorted to random romantic couples within the friend group to keep up the drama in later seasons.

    4. Zooey Deschanel's iconic bangs are a better look than "The Rachel."

    5. Both shows featured a main character who used to be plus-sized, but New Girl didn't use Schmidt's size as a cruel punchline.

    6. New Girl managed to keep track of when the characters all met each other.

    7. The way Jess moved into the loft made more sense than how Rachel moved into Monica's apartment.

    8. The characters' finances and careers made a lot more sense on New Girl.

    9. New Girl did not have as serious of a diversity problem as Friends did.

    10. Winston is a better version of Phoebe.

    11. Nick is a better angry guy than Chandler.

    12. Schmidt is a better take on the Lothario-type character than Joey.

    Schmidt lounges shirtless on a couch in Season 1/ In Season 7 he sits on the same couch with his wife and daughter.

    13. Nick and Schmidt are a better bromance than Chandler and Joey.

    14. Jess and Cece are a better female friendship than Monica and Rachel.

    15. The characters on New Girl all worked really well together and there were no weak pairings.

    16. New Girl didn't have a laugh track and wasn't filmed in front of a live audience.

    17. Nick's job as a bartender was a way better plot point than Rachel's job as a waitress.

    Nick working at the bar/Rachel working at Central Perk

    18. The Friends guys defined toxic masculinity, where the New Girl guys went against it most of the time.

    Schmidt applies a face mask with is daughter.

    19. And finally, the New Girl gang are just better people all around.

    Rachel stands behind Ross's new girlfriend after convincing her to shave her hair off.

    Do you agree? Or have I committed heresy here today? Sound off in the comments below!