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    "New Girl" Is Better Than "Friends" And Here's 19 Reasons Why

    "Friends" has a better theme song, but that's the only concession I'll make.

    Hello! I am a young millennial, and in between sipping lattes and munching on avocado toast, I enjoy the television program New Girl.


    A show I don't enjoy? Friends, aka New Girl from the '90s.


    Before you yell at me, consider this: I am old enough to have seen a considerable chunk of Friends when it originally aired, and have seen plenty of it as an adult. It's just not for me! Maybe I don't enjoy some of the more problematic jokes, maybe I find characters uniquely unbearable, or maybe my sense of humor is broken and I have no taste. Who's to say?

    Here are just a few reasons why New Girl is the far superior sitcom about friendship (in my opinion).

    My mom agrees with me, and who else's approval do I really need?

    1. Let's start with the big stuff: Nick and Jess are the couple Ross and Rachel wish they were.

    Fox / NBC

    Where Ross and Rachel brought out the absolute worst in each other and literally sabotaged each other's jobs and relationships, Nick and Jess never lost sight of their friendship regardless of their romantic status. They grew as people when they were apart until they were ready to be together again for the long haul, and they never intentionally did anything to hurt each other.

    2. Ross and Rachel's first kiss was fine, but Nick and Jess's is quite possibly the best thing I've seen on the small screen.


    If you disagree, I really don't know what to tell you. I mean, c'mon. LOOK AT THIS.

    3. New Girl never resorted to random romantic couples within the friend group to keep up the drama in later seasons.


    Remember when Rachel dated Joey during the 10th season of Friends? That was weird. That would have been like if Cece and Nick had decided to date on New Girl, or Jess and Winston. Or *shudder* Jess and Schmidt. No thank you.

    4. Zooey Deschanel's iconic bangs are a better look than "The Rachel."

    Fox / NBC

    5. Both shows featured a main character who used to be plus-sized, but New Girl didn't use Schmidt's size as a cruel punchline.

    Fox / NBC

    Not that this is a great trope either way, but New Girl did it better. Other people might've made fun of Schmidt's size, but the show always portrayed them negatively. You know who never did, though? His friends! On the other hand, Ross, Chandler, and Joey all made fun of Monica's previous size on Friends.

    6. New Girl managed to keep track of when the characters all met each other.

    Fox / NBC

    We see frequent flashbacks into the characters' pasts on New Girl, but none of them go against what we learn pretty early on: Nick and Winston are childhood friends (as are Jess and Cece), Nick and Schmidt met in college when they were roommates, and Jess and Cece met the boys when Jess moved into the loft in the pilot. Meanwhile, the Friends flashbacks are a mess. Rachel and Chandler met for the first time in the pilot but also on...five separate occasions in the past??

    7. The way Jess moved into the loft made more sense than how Rachel moved into Monica's apartment.


    In the New Girl pilot, Jess broke up with her cheating boyfriend and needed to move out of their house. She saw the ad for a spot in the loft on Craigslist and that was it. In the Friends pilot, Rachel ran out on her wedding and happened to go to Central Perk. There she ran into Monica, who she'd been friends with in high school but hadn't invited to her wedding that very day...and then Monica let her move in.

    8. The characters' finances and careers made a lot more sense on New Girl.


    This is a small, nitpicky detail, but Monica's grandmother would not have gotten away with leaving her a rent-controlled apartment in the West Village. Regardless, it seems unlikely that she and Rachel could have afforded it by themselves when they were both waitresses. Monica eventually became a chef again in Season 4, but her apartment was stunning since the pilot. Additionally, Ross supposedly had a Ph.D from Columbia by age 26, and Chandler's never-defined career and Joey's odd acting jobs were able to pay an apartment as big as Monica's.

    New Girl documented the ups and downs of everyone's careers and made it very clear when characters were having money problems. As for how they could afford their nice Los Angeles loft? First, they had four people living in it even though they were technically only allowed three. Schmidt also frequently proclaimed that he paid most of the expenses because he made the most money.

    9. New Girl did not have as serious of a diversity problem as Friends did.

    Fox / NBC

    It might not have been the most diverse show in the world, but 2/5 of the main characters were not white (3/6 when Coach was around). Not that New Girl didn't have tone-deaf jokes and plot points about Cece's Indian culture and Winston and Coach's experiences as Black men, but Friends acted like people who weren't white just didn't exist.

    10. Winston is a better version of Phoebe.


    Winnie the Bish, Prank Sinatra, Engram Pattersky, Admiral Jay Garagaroo. Many aliases, but only one Winston Bishop. The show didn't quite figure out Winston's role until the end of Season 2, but it was glorious once it did. And the introduction of his cat/son Furguson really sealed the deal. He was the group oddball in the way that Phoebe was, but Winston's arc is more fully realized than Phoebe's and he didn't have as many moments that made him seem completely out of touch with reality.

    11. Nick is a better angry guy than Chandler.


    Folks, I hate to tell you this, but Chandler was mean. Like, occasionally so hurtful and insulting that I couldn't figure out why his friends were his friends. Nick was angry, sarcastic, and grumpy, but there were also entire episodes devoted to him learning to be gentler and happier.

    12. Schmidt is a better take on the Lothario-type character than Joey.

    Schmidt lounges shirtless on a couch in Season 1/ In Season 7 he sits on the same couch with his wife and daughter.

    Schmidt went from a womanizing, sexist jerk to a sensitive, devoted family man. Joey started out as a better person than Schmidt at the beginning, but then he just stayed the same throughout the whole show. The only difference was that the show made more jokes about him being dumb.

    13. Nick and Schmidt are a better bromance than Chandler and Joey.


    How could Chandler and Joey, who were occasionally awful toward one another (like when Chandler hooked up with Joey's girlfriend), ever hope to compete with Nick and Schmidt, who threw a party to celebrate their 10th friendship anniversary and even bought a bar together? Please.

    14. Jess and Cece are a better female friendship than Monica and Rachel.


    Monica always took on the caregiver role in the group, but this was especially apparent with Rachel. Monica did a lot for Rachel (like letting her move in and letting her use her medical insurance), and Rachel...never really stepped up. Jess and Cece were definitely more equal in their relationship. They took turns being the messy friend and gave each other a lot of advice and support by the time New Girl ended.

    15. The characters on New Girl all worked really well together and there were no weak pairings.


    Are you really gonna tell me that you loved the Phoebe-Chandler pairing on Friends? All three times that it happened? Come on now. Meanwhile, no matter which two characters were paired together during an episode of New Girl, the results were hilarious.

    16. New Girl didn't have a laugh track and wasn't filmed in front of a live audience.


    This is a matter of personal taste, but I hate when a sitcom has a laugh track or when you can hear the audience laughing. I can figure out when to laugh all by myself, television!

    17. Nick's job as a bartender was a way better plot point than Rachel's job as a waitress.

    Nick working at the bar/Rachel working at Central Perk
    Fox / NBC

    Both shows had main characters who served beverages for a living, but Rachel's open disdain for her job and her disinterest in doing it well made her seem spoiled and bratty. A person can only laugh at a waitress messing up coffee orders so many times. She should have been fired waaaay before she quit. Nick, grumpy as he was, seemed to be good at bartending and actually liked doing it, which led to him eventually co-owning the bar with Schmidt.

    18. The Friends guys defined toxic masculinity, where the New Girl guys went against it most of the time.

    Schmidt applies a face mask with is daughter.

    Ross had a problem with his son playing with dolls and his daughter having a male nanny. Chandler was embarrassed of his love of baths because baths are "girly." Meanwhile, Schimdt braided his daughter's hair and did face masks as a stay-at-home dad.

    19. And finally, the New Girl gang are just better people all around.

    Rachel stands behind Ross's new girlfriend after convincing her to shave her hair off.

    To my memory, none of the characters on New Girl ever convinced their ex's new significant other to shave all their hair off, or said the wrong name at the altar, or told their friend they got their drunken Vegas marriage annulled when they actually didn't. Schmidt said and did his fair share of terrible things during the first few seasons of the show (Season 3 was a low point for my guy), but he eventually developed into a much better person.

    Do you agree? Or have I committed heresy here today? Sound off in the comments below!