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Updated on Oct 24, 2019. Posted on Oct 24, 2019

Pick Names For These Dogs And I'll Tell You Which Famous Dog You Are

These dogs need names! Only you can help them!

Pick out names for these dogs to find out which famous dog you are most like!

  1. What name would you give this pensive pup?

    Getty Images
  2. What about this rascal?

    Jess Wealleans/Getty
  3. What would you call this little one?

    Getty Images
  4. Name this patriotic pooch:

    Jordyn Johnson/Getty
  5. "Hi! My name is _____."

  6. What should this dynamic duo be called?

  7. This dog needs a name! Which one would you pick?

  8. And finally, what name would you give this dazzling smiler?

    Getty Images

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