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    17 Movie Characters Who Did Not Deserve Better — In Fact, They Deserved Way Worse

    They say forgiveness is a virtue, but these characters just don't deserve it.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the movie characters who got happy endings or redemption arcs* they didn't quite deserve. Here's what they said:

    *To be clear, if a character died but was redeemed in their final moments or was remembered as a hero after their death, it counts as a "happy ending" for our purposes here.

    🚨MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING 🚨 for all of these movies.

    1. Kylo Ren from Star Wars


    "Kylo Ren did NOT deserve redemption. He committed mass genocide, killed younglings, murdered his own father, tortured Poe, constantly tried to kill Rey and Luke, and was all around an awful, evil person. I’m glad he died."


    2. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man from the MCU


    "Tony Stark did NOT deserve a redemption arc, even after dying. He was manipulative, power hungry, and outright dangerous.""


    3. Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

    Warner Bros.

    "The only reason he defected from Voldemort's side was because he failed to kill Dumbledore, and he and his family were on thin ice. Had he actually seen his plan through, he would have enjoyed his high status among the Death Eaters and remained on their side. He was a privileged, irredeemable, cowardly, little bigot. I will die on this hill."


    4. Jim Preston from Passengers

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "He basically forced a woman to develop Stockholm syndrome for him so he wouldn't die alone, all because he was attracted to her."


    5. Harper from The Happiest Season


    "I understand that it was hard for her to be herself and her family sucked, but she let it go too far and I wasn’t rooting for her by the end of the movie. I was Team Riley all the way. Abby and Riley had amazing chemistry and deserved each other. Harper...not so much."


    6. Nick Parker and Elizabeth James, aka the parents from The Parent Trap


    "I still don't understand why the twins in The Parent Trap just...forgave their parents? Why did everyone collectively accept the arrangement that the parents made to each NEVER see one of their kids again? They definitely did not deserve their happiness at the end."


    7. Amanda Waller from Suicide Squad

    Warner Bros.

    "Amanda Waller was technically one of the good guys, but her methods were completely amoral and manipulative. She clearly couldn't be trusted with power but remained in charge of the team at the end of the movie, SMH."

    Evelina Z.

    8. Dr. Stephen Strange from Doctor Strange


    "He was such a massive jerk before the accident and was still a massive jerk after. He didn't learn anything! Maybe he's better in the comics (I will never read them because he's so vile in the movie), but man, I REALLY wanted Dr. Strange to fail and I do not think he's worthy of the powers he got."


    9. PT Barnum from The Greatest Showman

    20th Century Fox

    "He manipulated and had zero respect for everyone around him, dropped his family and coworkers when he got famous in respectable circles, then it all fell apart and they...welcomed him back with a happy song? Because he felt bad? He was the least compelling character and shouldn’t have been the lead protagonist."


    10. Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, aka Matilda's parents in Matilda

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "They got EXACTLY what they wanted in the end; they were rid of Matilda when her teacher adopted her, and they left the country so the cops couldn't arrest Mr. Wormwood for his long list of fraud crimes. Yes, Matilda got what she needed, wanted, and deserved, but her horrible parents did NOT deserve to get away with everything!"


    11. Eleanor Sung-Young, aka Nick's mom from Crazy Rich Asians

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "After what she put Rachel through, she did not deserve to be at the engagement party at the end of the movie. I can only hope that she begged Rachel to forgive her at some point."

    Evelina Z.

    12. Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "He leaves Harry to be raised by people who he knows will treat him awfully, he refuses to tell Harry the full truth about the Horcruxes, and he knows Harry will have to die and tells him nothing. Dumbledore basically makes everyone’s life harder because of his secrets, and everyone still fawns over him. Maybe if he had been more open and honest, things would have gone more smoothly."


    13. Sebastian from Cruel Intentions

    Columbia Pictures

    "Sebastian and Kathryn were both villains in Cruel Intentions, but everyone forgets that because the movie spent 45 minutes completely redeeming him and destroying Kathryn. I mean, I know she was evil but so was he. And he definitely didn’t deserve the tragic love story he got."


    14. Blane (and Duckie) from Pretty In Pink

    Paramount Pictures

    "Andie should have ended up alone. Duckie didn't deserve to be with her just because he was nice to her. But Blane was also a jerk, so she should have been single at the end."


    15. Amy Ellis, aka Kat's younger sister in The Wedding Date

    Universal Studios

    "Why would Ed still marry her?! He found out on his wedding day that she had been sleeping with his best friend, who also happened to be her sister’s ex! I’m sorry, but she deserved to be left at the altar."


    16. Nick Fury from the MCU


    "Nick Fury didn't realize there was a branch of HYDRA operating within SHIELD for 70 years, oversaw the morally questionable Project Insight in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and he agreed to give Tony Stark's EDITH glasses to a 16-year-old in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Why does anybody still listen to him when he clearly has terrible judgment?"

    —>Evelina Z.

    17. And finally, Severus Snape from Harry Potter

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "This man would have been the world's best Death Eater if Voldemort had picked Neville. I don’t have a problem with him being in love with Lily all his life — sometimes you can’t help that — but then he basically tortured her son AND his friends for years. Dude was not a hero."


    Did we miss any characters? Let us know in the comments!

    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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