"Mare Of Easttown" Has Taken Over My Life, So Here Are 23 People Who Might Be The Killer

    "I haven't been this suspicious of a group of townsfolk since Broadchurch."

    If you've been watching Mare of Easttown on HBO, there's a good chance you look something like this right now:

    Man talking intensely in front of conspiracy board

    We're only four episodes in, and it seems like for every answer we get, two new questions pop up.

    Mare of Easttown is making me paranoid. Haven’t been so suspicious of an entire group of townsfolk since Broadchurch.

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    The central mystery revolves around who killed Erin McMenamin, but there's also the unsolved case of Katie Bailey's disappearance. Last week we got HUGE news regarding the latter, and after Episode 5 it seems like the kidnapper is not the same person who killed Erin (but who knows?).

    For the sake of theorizing, here are all the people we've been introduced to who could be the killer:

    1. Frank Sheehan

    The moment Frank asked details about the investigation... my true crime senses started tingling #MareOfEasttown

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    2. Dylan Hinchey

    3. Brianna Del Rasso

    Kate Winslet's character not even flinching at the jug of milk crashing through her window & continuing to eat her sandwich is the kind of no f*cks energy I aspire to. #MareOfEasttown

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    4. Dylan's parents (either one of them)

    5. Kenny, Erin's dad

    6. Father Dan Hastings

    Ok so the murderer on #MareOfEasttown is 100% Kate Winslet's priest cousin becuase: [x] looks like a ferret [x] is a medium-level suspect/character [x] this show is basically a dramatized version of The Keepers already anyway

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    7. Faye

    8. Helen

    9. John Ross

    10. Erin herself

    11. Richard Ryan

    Ok Guy Pearce is majorly sus in Mare of Easttown. A new writer who just moved to town who hit on Mare mercilessly, a huge grouch in a button down corduroy shirt. Doesn’t add up memento guy

    12. Officer Trammel

    13. Deacon Mark

    I knew there was something off about those priests #MareOfEasttown

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    14. The guy who kidnapped Katie and Missy

    15. Any combination of two or more characters

    16. Some other random person

    The following people are technically still suspects, but I think it's highly unlikely that they had anything to do with Erin's death:

    This is purely speculative, and I may eat my words later.

    17. Mare Sheehan

    I can’t believe Mare thought she would get away with that plan against her grandson’s mother. #MareOfEasttown

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    18. Colin Zabel

    19. Lori Ross

    20. Siobhan Sheehan

    21. Carrie Layden

    22. Dawn Bailey

    23. Chief Carter

    24. Finally, here's a list of people who definitely didn't kill Erin OR kidnap Katie and Missy

    Are there any suspects you think I missed? Do you have any theories of your own? Discuss, please!