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Kate McKinnon Was (Finally) Back On "SNL" This Week, And She Wasted No Time In Making Billie Eilish Break Character

"We put the hospital in hospitality."

Kate McKinnon was finally back on Saturday Night Live this week after missing the first half of the season. Hooray for Christmas miracles!

She opened the show with her impression of Anthony Fauci in the episode's cold open.

The writers celebrated Kate's return by having her in almost every sketch alongside host and musical guest Billie Eilish, and the last sketch of the night was easily the funniest.

Billie and Kate played employees at "Business Garden Hotel & Suites & Hotel Room Inn," the most bland yet unsettling hotel to ever exist.

Kate and Billie at the display with the caption, "You wanted yogurt? Wake up at 4:00, bitch"

As "Kathlyn" and "Kathreen," they made no effort to hide just how mediocre their hotel was.

A number of photos showing unappetizing features of the hotel, including a "Band-Aid colored blanket" and a couch with a "small stain in place you have to touch"

And it wasn't long before Billie and Kate were having to fight off their own giggles.

One caption: "Visit us and see why Tripadvisor called us "a stock photo you could sleep in"

Billie in particular had a hard time keeping it together while Kate poked her in the arm.

Kate poking Billie

Rounding out the hotel's staff were Aidy Bryant as the frazzled concierge and Billie's brother, Finneas, as the bellhop/valet/night manager/in-house doctor.

Aidy apologizes for crying when the guest stopped by earlier, and Finneas says he'll drop your bags, tell you where the strip clubs are, and offer to get you cocaine

Finally, Billie and Kate closed it out by listing "all of life's less sparkly moments" that the hotel would be perfect for hosting.

Options include "affair with old man" and "funeral for aunt who died driving the wrong way on the Taconic State Parkway"

You can watch the whole sketch (and rejoice in Kate's return) right here:

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